Introducing Eelume: A Resident Subsea IMR Vehicle

  • Room: C142
Tuesday, May 09, 2017: 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM


Richard Mills
Director of Sales, Marine Robotics
Kongsberg Maritime


Kongsberg Maritime has recently joined with Statoil and the Norwegian Technical University (NTNU) in a collaboration to bring a new underwater vehicle to the IMR market. Eelume is the culmination of 10 years of research at NTNU to develop a swimming robot that is capable of conducting inspection and intervention. The goal of the project is a subsea resident vehicle that can access templates remotely without having a support ship. This has the added advantage of enabling rapid inspection and intervention reducing potential downtime. The cost benefits are obvious. Eelume is a novel approach to inspection and intervention tasks, based on a snake-like structure. Swimming bio-mimetically or by using thrusters, Eelume is small and flexible enabling it to access spaces that traditional ROVs cannot. It can hold a posture to provide a steady inspection platform and will also be able to operate standard torque tools. The project is divided into phases, with the first element concluding in 2016 with an inspection demonstration of a template in 150 metre water depths. Phase 2 aims to conduct intervention in 2017. During these elements, Eelume will remain tethered, with a long-term goal of introducing supervised untethered operations. Eelume will be deployed on new and old sites utilising a combination of subsea networks, surface buoys and radio or satellite links. This paper will introduce the technology, discuss the development timeline and show the results of the inspection demonstration to be held in late 2016.


Who Should Attend

ROV service providers, operators and IMR management specialists