ASSURE Research and Outreach Fair

  • Room: C142
Wednesday, May 10, 2017: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Andi Meyer
Research Program Manager
Kansas State University Polytechnic
Dallas Brooks
Director, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory
Mississippi State University
David Arterburn
Director, Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center, UAH
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Ellen Bass
Drexel University
Kyle Snyder
NGAT Center @ ITRE
Marty Rogers
Executive Director
ASSURE UAS Center of Excellence
Richard Stansbury
Associate Professor
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Leadership from ASSURE will present for the first time on key findings from the organization’s first two years of research under the UAS Center of Excellence Program. The three-hour session will include panels, posters, and an open forum to discuss the national UAS Integration Research objectives, strategy partnerships with industry and other research institutions, and collaboration across federal agencies.  The Fair is designed to provide access directly with research Principal Investigators, ASSURE leadership, and research results.  

  • Agenda
    • 1:30-2:30- ASSURE/ARDDC UAS Integration Support Panel- Director ASSURE, FAA, Support to ASTM, other agency partner (DOD/DHS), and a couple industry partners- discussion to cover FAA research plan, corporate strategy alignment, and collaboration, integration  with other agencies.  
    • 2:30-4:00- ASSURE Research Results Panel- ASSURE Project PIs present the  results from the first 2 years of research under the ASSURE organization..
    • 4:00-4:30- ASSURE PIs and Leadership engagement time during a project poster session Open Forum- discussions with panelists, research agenda discussions, etc
  • UAS Strategic Research, Support & Integration Panel: (1:30-2:45)
    • Participants
      • Moderator Marty Rogers, ASSURE/ARDC
      • Sabrina Saunders-Hodge, FAA
      • Larry Smith, RDECOM
      • Andi Meyers, ASSURE – ASTM Support
      • Walter Stockwell or Brenden Schulman, DJI
      • John Marcotte, Sierra Nevada Corp
      • Ally Ferguson, Precision Hawk 
  • Research Panel (2:45-4:00)
    • Participants:
      • Moderator: Lux
      • Dave Arterburn/Chris Duling, UAH 
      • Mark Askelson, UND 
      • Henry Cathey, NMSU 
      • Richard Stansbury, ERAU 
      • Ellen Bass, Drexel University 
      • Tom Aldag, Wichita State 
      • Kurt Carraway, KSU 
      • Kyle Snyder, NC State