April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

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XPONENTIAL 2018 offers a broad-based, balanced educational program brimming with cutting-edge content and inspirational insights—from policy implications and technical challenges to use cases across vertical markets and everything in between.

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International & State Pavilions

At AUVSI XPONENTIAL we showcase the latest and greatest technologies from organizations all around the globe. It’s a snapshot of where we are as an industry and illustrates just how much we’ve grown in the unmanned systems ecosystem.

With exhibitors coming from countries worldwide, it’s important to highlight what progress and advancements are being made at both the international and state levels. Check out the list of international and state pavilions below to see what they’re doing for the industry!


Interested in organizing a pavilion for your state or country? Contact Alex Mann for more details! Here are just a few of the perks our pavilions receive:

  • Recognition as Official Sponsor of XPONENTIAL on all promotional materials
  • Waived Sharer’s Fee
  • AUVSI Database Support
  • Pavilion Incentive Program (International Only)
Alex Mann
Alex Mann
Business Operations Manager
International and State Pavilions
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Alberta Pavilion

Alberta Pavilion – Booth 831

  China Pavilion
China Pavilion

China Pavilion – Booth 1016/1019

"What we can do goes beyond your imagination”, the slogan of recent Chinese UAV industry shows the strength of China Pavilion organized by SUNSHINE, AUVSI's exclusive representative in China. We bring together a group of Chinese top UAV enterprises which represent the latest innovative technology and manufacture/integration capacity in China market. We are dedicated to provide the best products and best services to Int'l markets. China intelligent manufacturing will help to develop the global UAV industry.

Contact Monica He to become part of the China Pavilion!

  Denmark Pavilion
China Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion – Booth 1222

By combining the efforts of a vibrant testing environment with a strong UAS ecosystem in the international league we want to accelerate the drone innovation and use hereof – with the aim of creating Denmark’s fastest growing market by the end of 2022 as well as bringing drones and people together as trusted friends. Part of our vision is that Denmark should aim to be a first mover country for enhancing people´s senses through groundbreaking drone technology – in favor of citizens and the society.

Contact Jakob Hansen to become part of the Denmark Pavilion!

  France Pavilion

France Pavilion – Booth 2011

  Korea Pavilion

Korea Pavilion – Booth 3627

Korea Aerospace Industries Association(KAIA) is an agency responsible for Korea Aerospace industry receiving support of Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. KAIA makes a contribution to the economic growth of Korea by leading a development of Korea aerospace industry. Our main activities are to host Seoul ADEX exhibition, promote research & PR and operate businesses for aerospace parts development. In particular, the Korean Robot Aircraft Competition that has been held every year since 2002 developed UAV which is capable of delivery, escort and mid air docking through an investment project in training specialists.

  Spain Pavilion
China Pavilion

Spain Pavilion – Booth 1611

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public business organization which works worldwide with the objective of promoting the internationalization of Spanish companies in order to improve their competitiveness, as well as boosting foreign investment in Spain. ICEX offers its services through 98 Economic and Commercial Offices worldwide.

Under the umbrella of ICEX España, Exportacion e Inversiones, companies from Spain are present at XPONENTIAL, exhibiting their innovative products and services in the AUV industry.

Contact Silvia Romeu to become a part of the Spain Pavilion!

  Quebec Pavilion
China Pavilion

Quebec Pavilion – Booth 827

The UAS Centre of Excellence (UAS CE), the largest Canadian test site, is once again leading a growing Quebec commercial delegation to attend the XPONENTIAL 2018 edition. Back in 2016, the Quebec government established for the first time a series of specific objectives under the renewed Quebec aerospace strategy. The Quebec UAS sector is therefore getting organized and ready to engage the community in various projects. The Quebec skies have already welcomed multiple BVLOS operations and are ready to support your project.

Contact Marc Moffatt to become a part of the Quebec Pavilion!



UAS Colorado

Colorado - Booth 2442

UAS Colorado is a nonprofit industry advocacy group that is committed to promoting and improving the aerospace industry in Colorado, specifically supporting the safe integration and use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for the benefit of the general public.

Maryland Pavilion

Maryland - Booth 618

Unmanned aircraft are flying medical supplies across the Chesapeake Bay. Driverless vehicles are being tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Undersea vehicles are plying the waters of the Bay and offshore in the Atlantic. Combining significant federal investment in our state; entrepreneur and research investment programs with partner universities; industry impact from small businesses to large defense OEMs; Maryland is where you want to be on the cutting edge of this technology and industry.

  New York
New York

New York – Booth 1011

UAS Central is the hub for information and news about the rapidly growing UAS industry in NYS. UAS Central includes the coordinated public private partnerships driving industry leading initiatives including: Project U-Safe, accelerating commercial UAS operations in NYS through the creation of the nation’s first fully instrumented UTM Management Corridor (managed by the Nuair Alliance), Genius NY, the world’s largest business competition focused on UAS and Griffiss Int’l Airport, home to 1 of 7 FAA designated test sites.

  North Carolina
North Carolina

North Carolina – Booth 1827

North Carolina, known for being "First in Flight" in manned aviation, has also emerged as the national leader in the realm of unmanned and autonomous vehicles. The N.C. Department of Transportation, in partnership with universities and industry partners, leads statewide efforts on integrating UAS in the operations of state and local government agencies to promote economic development, improve efficiency and enhance the safety of government operations. Visit our booth to learn more about our initiatives.

  North Dakota
China Pavilion

North Dakota – Booth 2634

North Dakota, along with its stakeholders and partners, is committed to creating an environment where private enterprise, public and private research organizations, and educational institutions may pursue new and exciting opportunities with UAS. To date, North Dakota has invested over $43 million for UAS initiatives and is collaborating with public and private partners to advance the industry. North Dakota offers legendary business opportunities with world class expertise from our research universities, easy access to government officials and a network for existing high-tech businesses.

Quebec Pavilion

Virginia – Booth 1604