ARGUS - Safety Standdown

ARGUS Unmanned - A Safety Standdown

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Room: D 166

[separate registration required - complimentary XPO Hall Pass included]

ARGUS Unmanned, a worldwide leader in aviation safety and training practices, offers a 1-day workshop aimed to develop the knowledge and understanding of a learner’s competency in UAS aviation safety and managing risks.

This exclusive learning opportunity will dive into a number of critical themes in the field of UAS aviation safety to help one better comprehend the concept of safety, role of managing risk, and organizational decision-making, including:

  • Human factors and limitations that affect remote flight operations, limitations in perception, processing, and performance, limitations in human function and more
  • Principles of UAS crew resource management that can improve the function and efficiency of a UAS crew, and situational awareness
  • Identifying and minimizing risk in aeromedical factors and people, environmental, and operational hazards
  • Site planning and preparation for preflight and post-flight inspection procedures, interpreting aeronautical charts, concepts of weather, and more
  • Safe systems approach to emergencies on applying good aeronautical decision making, reporting requirements, emergency aviation communications and more

Who Should Attend?

  • Part 61 Airmen and Part 107 Remote Pilots
  • Part 91 Corporate Flight Departments Interested in Integrating UAS
  • Part 135 On-Demand Charter Operators Interested in Integrating UAS
  • Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilots of Commercial Flight Services Organizations
  • Federal Government Agencies Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors
  • Public Agencies (state, local, tribal, territorial) Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Contractor Field Service Representatives
  • Attorneys and Risk Management Professionals
  • Occupational Safety and Compliance Professionals

Registration Pricing

  • Standard: $249
  • Onsite: $349