Texas UAS Summit Speakers

Materials Submission Process

  • Presentation material collection will be conducted by PSAV® Presentation Services.
  • PSAV will email speakers with a link to use when uploading PowerPoint slides and video files beginning in March.
  • Presentation files are due on Friday, April 28, 2017.
  • Upon arriving at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, be sure to check in at the Speaker Ready Room - Level 1, Lobby C - to ensure your materials are loaded and ready to go.
  • We do not require a standard slide template at XPONENTIAL. Please use your organization’s template.
  • We recommend 16:9 slide format.

Make your session a success!

To ensure that AUVSI provides the best possible experience and a consistent approach to all of our presentations, we ask our speakers to incorporate the following into every presentation:

  • Presentations must be high-energy, informal and engaging.
  • Presentations should NEVER turn into sales pitches (violators will not be invited to speak at future events).
  • Be commanding and capture an audience’s attention
  • Be bold, confident and present your material as the expert that you are—own it!
  • When using PowerPoint remember these key points:
    • Keep it simple. Limit text, bullet points, transitions and builds.
    • Use high-quality graphics including photographs.
    • Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates
    • When using charts ask yourself “How much detail do I need?”
    • Choose your fonts wisely. Remember you may have audience members seated in the back of a large space. Make sure to space your text and use easy to read fonts.
  • Please note that the sessions may be filmed or photographed.