Moderators and Panelists

Important Info

  • Speaker agreement form submission: please complete if you have not done so
  • Panel sessions at XPONENTIAL 2017 are moderated discussions with few to no presentation materials. Each group will receive guidance from AUVSI and the panel moderator regarding format, flow and topic direction.
  • Upon arriving at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, be sure to check in at the Speaker Ready Room - Level 1, Lobby C - to confirm your session time, location and to let us know you have made it to the venue!

Make your session a success!


Thank you for agreeing to dedicate your time and talents to moderate a XPONENTIAL conference session. Your role as moderator is critical to the success of your session and the conference program. We hope you also enjoy this opportunity to connect with new contacts and demonstrate thought leadership.

Each moderator is expected to introduce him/herself to the panelists via email and to collaborate with them in the March/April timeframe via conference call and/or email. AUVSI will provide moderators with panelists' contact information and a sample moderator intro email. We will also help to coordinate teleconferences as needed.

When collaborating with your panelists, please consider these points:

  • SET THE OBJECTIVE Set the primary objective and vision for the panel discussion. With what new understanding should the audience walk away? For example, you may discuss business or customer benefits, the possibilities and field results of a new technology, market drivers, current and projected adoption, current issues, practical applications and more.
  • STRUCTURE THE SESSION Structure the time allocated for the session, how much time you'd like to spend on introductory remarks (as the moderator), individual remarks, moderated questions and Q&A with the audience.
  • PREPARE YOUR PANEL Prepare a list of questions you plan to ask during the session. Most panelists will feel more comfortable if they can prepare at least a couple responses.
  • SET GROUND RULES Set the ground rules about contextual sharing vs. promoting or selling company/product information. Comments and experiences relevant to the dialogue are great, but they need to save the sales pitches for exhibit floor.
  • ENCOUNRAGE ENTHUSIASM Encourage speakers to command attention, be bold and engage the audience thru storytelling, case studies, factoids, descriptive language and future projections.
  • PLAN TO MEET At a minimum, plan to meet your panelists 20 minutes before your session start time to make introductions, reiterate the vision, structure and ground rules and obtain AV support as needed. We suggest all panels meet for 60 minutes in the Speaker Ready Room – Level 1, Lobby C – prior to their sessions if possible. AUVSI can help coordinate onsite meeting as needed.


A member of the XPONENTIAL 2017 team and/or your session moderator will touch base with you before the event about your session's content. Plan to participate in at least one teleconference to discuss your session’s format, direction and planned questions from the moderator. Conference calls will be scheduled and facilitated by your moderator and/or AUVSI staff in March and April

In addition to at least one teleconference, AUVSI and your session moderator will also be coordinating an onsite meeting during XPONENTIAL.

Panel sessions at XPONENTIAL are discussion based which mean the use of multi-media materials is discouraged. Any plans for video or slides will need to be discussed with your session moderator and AUVSI.

Please note that the sessions may be filmed or photographed.