Journey Maps

Whether it’s your first time with us or tenth, we’ve designed a series of Journey Maps to help you navigate the many opportunities within your market interest at the show. These maps have been customized for you and were developed to help maximize your on-site experience.

Agriculture Journey Map


Are you a grower learning to use drones for disease prevention in your fields, or an agronomist interested in the latest technology and data analysis trends? Explore 10+ hours of dedicated programming tailored for professionals in agribusiness.

Construction Real Estate Journey Map

Construction Real Estate

Is improving efficiency, increasing safety and saving money on the construction site key to your company’s success? Are you looking for new tools to integrate into existing processes on the worksite? Get on the fast track to site efficiency with curated sessions covering unmanned systems for inspection, surveying and more.

Defense Journey Map


The U.S. military is committed to investing in next-gen unmanned technologies and has allocated approximately $4.6 billion in the 2017 budget for drone-related spending. Are you ready to take advantage? Access 25+ sessions exploring opportunities for unmanned systems in the defense and government sectors.

Mapping Surveying Journey Map

Mapping Surveying

Does your work require the acquisition of data quickly, safely and cheaply? Are you interested in alternatives to manned aircraft, road crews or satellites? Uncover new options in the areas of mapping and surveying with more than 15 dedicated sessions and 40+ hours of relevant programming.

Oil and Gas Journey Map

Oil and Gas

Are you interested in reducing risk associated with monitoring infrastructure in the oil and gas industries? Are you curious to learn how unmanned systems are impacting the industry in the air, on land and at sea? Find new technologies, connect with industry leaders and maximize your opportunities at sessions tailored for O&G professionals.