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United States
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Hemisphere GNSS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GNSS and complimentary products for positioning, heading, machine control, and navigation applications for use in construction, marine, survey, OEM, and other markets.

 Press Releases

  • Scottsdale, AZ, USA – May 10, 2017 – Today, Hemisphere GNSS announces the Vector Eclipse H328, the next offering in a line of new and refreshed, low-power, high-precision, positioning and heading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) boards. The multi-frequency, multi-GNSS H328 is an all signals receiver board that includes Hemisphere’s new and innovative hardware platform and integrates Atlas® GNSS Global Correction Service.

    Designed with this new hardware platform, the overall cost, size, weight, and power consumption of the H328 are reduced. It offers true scalability with centimeter-level accuracy in either single frequency mode or full performance multi-frequency, multi-GNSS, Atlas-capable mode that supports fast RTK initialization times over long distances. The H328 offers fast accuracy heading of better than 0.17 degrees at 0.5 m antenna separation and aiding gyroscope and tilt sensors for temporary GNSS outages. The 60 mm x 100 mm module with 24-pin and 16-pin headers is a dropin upgrade for existing designs using this industry standard form factor.

    The latest technology platform enables simultaneous tracking of all satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS P-code, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS making it robust and reliable. The updated power management system efficiently governs the processor, memory, and ASIC making it ideal for multiple integration applications. The H328 offers flexible and reliable connectivity by supporting Serial, USB (On-The-Go with future firmware upgrade), CAN, Ethernet, and SPI for ease-of-use and integration. Optional output rates of up to 50 Hz are also supported.

    Outstanding Capabilities
    Powered by the Athena™ GNSS engine, the H328 provides best-in-class, centimeter-level RTK. Athena excels in virtually every environment where high-accuracy GNSS receivers can be used. Tested and proven, Athena’s performance with long baselines, in open-sky environments, under heavy canopy, and in geographic locations experiencing significant scintillation is nothing short of cutting edge. Together with SureFix™, Hemisphere’s advanced processor, the H328 delivers high-fidelity RTK quality information that results in guaranteed precision with virtually 100% reliability.

    Advanced Technology Features
    Integrated L-band adds support for Atlas GNSS global corrections for meter to sub decimeterlevel accuracy while Tracer™ technology helps maintain position during correction signal outages. The H328 also uses Hemisphere’s aRTK™ technology, powered by Atlas. This feature allows the H328 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. If the H328 is Atlas subscribed, it will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored. The H328 is ideal for robotics, autonomous vehicles, antenna pointing, marine survey, machine control, and any application where high-accuracy positioning and heading is required. 

    Hemisphere will be showcasing the all-new Vector Eclipse H328 OEM positioning and heading board at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017 in Dallas, TX, USA until May 11 (booth #846).

    About Hemisphere GNSS
    Hemisphere GNSS is an innovative technology company that designs and manufactures high-precision positioning products and services for use in OEM/ODM, marine, machine control & guidance, agriculture, and L-band correction service markets. Hemisphere holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and sells globally with several leading product and technology brands including Athena™, Atlas®, Crescent®, Eclipse™, and Vector™ for high-precision applications. Hemisphere is based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, with offices located around the globe, and is part of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    For more information, please contact:
    Gabriel Grenier-Baird
    Hemisphere GNSS
    Phone: +1 (480) 348-6380
    Email: Press@HGNSS.com


  • Vector™ H328 GNSS Compass Board
    Fast RTK acquisition and reacquisition times / Atlas® L-band capable to 8 cm 95% of the time / Extremely accurate heading with short baselines / 5 cm rms RTK-enabled heave accuracy / Strong multipath mitigation and interference rejection...

  • Develop sophisticated machine control and navigation solutions in a world full of complex dynamic environments. The Vector H328 is our most advanced GNSS heading and positioning board.

    The Vector H328 utilizes dual antenna ports to create a series of additional capabilities to Eclipse™ Vector technology including fast, high-accuracy heading over short baselines, RTK positioning, onboard Atlas L-band, RTK-enabled heave, low-power consumption, and precise timing.

    Scalable Solutions
    With the Vector H328, positioning is scalable and field upgradeable with all Hemisphere software and service options. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either single frequency mode, or employ the full performance and fast RTK initialization times over long distances with multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS signals. High-accuracy L-band positioning from meter to sub-decimeter levels available via Atlas correction service. 

    Ease of Migration
    Leverage the industry standard form factor for easy upgradeability from other manufacturers’ modules.

  • Eclipse™ P326 and P327 OEM Boards
    Fast RTK acquisition and reacquisition times / Atlas® L-band capable to 8 cm 95% of the time / Long-range RTK baselines up to 50km / Compatible with other manufacturers’ models...

  • Track More Signals for the Most Robust Low-Power, Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Solution
    Track more signals for unparalleled positioning performance with Hemisphere GNSS’ new Eclipse P326 and P327 OEM modules. The latest technology platform enables simultaneous tracking of all satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and L-band (QZSS ready) making it the most robust and reliable solution. The updated power management system efficiently governs the processor, memory, and ASIC making it ideal for multiple integration applications including handheld and battery powered devices.

    Experience Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability with Advanced Technology Features
    The P326 and P327 are the most accurate and reliable OEM modules with two new advanced technology features; aRTK™ and Tracer™. Hemisphere’s all-new aRTK technology, powered by Atlas, allows the P326 and P327 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. Tracer utilizes specialized algorithms to sustain positioning in the absence of corrections data. 

    Scalable Solutions
    With the Eclipse P326 and P327, positioning is scalable and field upgradable with all Hemisphere software and service options. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either single frequency mode, or employ the full performance and fast RTK initialization times over long distances with multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS signals. High-accuracy L-band positioning from meter to sub-decimeter levels available via Atlas correction service.

    Ease of Migration
    Leverage the compact size and easy integration in your design. The 34-pin P326 module is a drop-in upgrade for many Hemisphere products. P327 is a drop-in upgrade for existing designs using standard 20-pin modules from other manufacturers.

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