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Northwest UAV is the World industry leader in UAS Propulsion Systems, delivering top quality, made in the USA products around the globe. At NWUAV we understand UAS requirements inside and out and incorporate a total lifecycle approach, resulting in high-performance, mission tested engine solutions. Our Engineers are dedicated to creating reliable, cost-effective UAS systems, and their experience is proven. When you need to get in the air and stay there, you need Northwest UAV. AS9100 certified.

 Press Releases

  • The Northwest UAV NW-44 Engine – the only cutting edge propulsion system ever developed for small unmanned aerial systems – has now successfully logged over 1000 combat flight hours, demonstrating its unique value to the UAS community by changing what’s possible with small UAVs.

    McMinnville, OR: In just a few years, from concept to first flight, the Northwest UAV NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine has reached the noteworthy milestone of logging over 1000 combat flight hours. This milestone demonstrates the unique value the NW-44 Engine and Northwest UAV team bring to the unmanned aerial systems community.

    Built specifically for small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that require extreme endurance and high reliability, the NW-44 Engine (pictured) is a lightweight, multi-fuel UAV engine that is easily configured to meet mission requirements. Filling a niche in the UAV marketplace, the NW-44 engine supports smaller aircraft, approximately between 40-75 lbs., that need to remain quiet for a long period of time. In other words, it’s a heavy-duty, hardworking, reliable engine for a considerably small UAV.

    “Early on we recognized the need to develop professional grade engines for the UAV industry. Hobby engines are fine for initial UAV development, but when you fly 15-20 hours a day in theater with temperatures exceeding 40c, you will quickly reach the limitations of a hobby grade engine, with very disappointing results,” remarked Chris Harris, President and Owner of NWUAV. “The NW-44 Multi Fuel Engine was developed with reliability, durability and fuel efficiency at the forefront with low weight and cost of ownership a close second. Program managers and airframe designers should take note of this COTS engine solution as it is a complete engine system ready to install with no development or engineering costs.”

    The milestone of 1000 combat flight hours is significant for Northwest UAV and their NW-44 Engine in more ways than one. Not only does it validate for NWUAV customers the promised endurance and reliability of the NW-44 Engine, but it also showcases the expertise of the NWUAV team. As NWUAV’s first small multi-fuel UAV engine, the success of the NW-44 Engine demonstrates the proficiency that Northwest UAV is capable of, with UAV engines and UAS engineering.     

    “We are very proud of the team we’ve built over the years and the family-friendly company culture we’ve maintained,” Heather Sorenson, NWUAV Director/Compliance Officer said. “Even as we continue to grow, our entire team – from the engineers and technicians to administrative staff – remains collaborative, and maintains a balance between innovation and pragmatism. That collaboration is what keeps us successful.”

    About Northwest UAV
    As America’s leader in UAV propulsion system design and manufacturing, Northwest UAV continues to prove its reputation for reliable, cost effective and innovative UAV engines and support systems through meticulous engineering, testing, and manufacturing. Founded in 2005 by President and Owner Chris Harris, NWUAV continues to safely and effectively manage all aspects of product development, from initial concept design through production and beyond to maintenance and overhauls. When you need to get in the air and stay there, count on the team at NWUAV. AS9100/ISO9001 (AS9104-1) Certified, DCAA compliant operation.

    For further information contact:
    Alex Riecke-Gonzales, Social Media Coordinator
    Northwest UAV
    11160 SW Durham Lane, Suite 1, McMinnville, OR 97128


  • NWUAV Propulsion Systems Will Get You Flying!
    NWUAV purpose-built engines are designed and built in the USA for unmanned aircraft systems, low altitude, long endurance aircraft and portable power generation. Our engines range from 2 to 60 HP and run on and gas and heavy fuels. AS9100 Certified....

  • The NWUAV engine line includes the NW-44 multi-fuel, single-cylinder built for 40 to 75 lb.* aircraft. The core and subsystem components alleviate ITAR and end-of-life concerns and primed for FAA Certification. Scalable for use in various classes of aircraft and incorporates design and specs not available with hobby engines. These advances incorporate characteristics for lightweight, superior performing engines. 2017: NW-88 twin-cylinder for 65 to 150lb* aircraft.

    Our largest engine is the NW-500 twin-cylinder designed for aircraft up to 551 lbs.* A self-contained, gas fueled, bolt-on system with simple interfaces; a vibration isolation system, and EFI.

    Looking for rotary or smaller engines? Look no further. NWUAV carries the complete line of Rotron Rotary and RCV Limited engines.

    Need help with engine integration into your unmanned aircraft? NWUAV aerospace and aviation engineers can assist you in all phases of your project.


    *Depending on airframe.

  • NWUAV Distributor for Pegasus Servo Actuators
    Pegasus Servo Actuators are electromechanical drive units of extraordinary power density, precision, and reliability. Pegasus offers a broad range of affordable servo actuators for multiple rotary and fixed wing UAV applications from 30-1000 lbs. MTOW....

  • The Pegasus line of Servo Actuators range from the PA-R-440-7, 35Nm (max. torque) to the micro, low-profile PA-R-135-4, 30Ncm currently the world’s smallest servo in its class.

    Redundant Servo Actuators include the PA-RR-340-9, 1200Ncm in which all process cycles are performed internally to the PA-RR-260-8, 300Ncm a perfect actuator for small and medium-sized UAV systems.

    • Gear-train service lifetime is improved with a dependable oil bath lubrication
    • Shielded to minimize EMI/RFI susceptibility and magnetic interference Vibration tolerance is enhanced
    • Aerospace specified connectors are incorporated
    • Internal PC-board design and mfg. complies with IPC-A-600 Class 3
    • Redundant Servo’s include PA-ME3 magnetic deflection and angle sensor

    NWUAV is the US Distributor for Pegasus Servo Actuators

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