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San Diego,  CA 
United States
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Welcome to SLANTRANGE!

SLANTRANGE has pioneered a smarter approach to agricultural intelligence by delivering new layers of information for more control and predictability over your land and more efficient use of your resources. To meet the needs of today’s agriculture professionals, the company has developed a uniquely powerful combination of drone-based sensors and analytics that work together to provide highly customized information tailored to your specific crop types and management practices.

Brands: Airborne remote sensing systems and analytics


  • 3p Multispectral Sensor
    Built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the SLANTRANGE 3p extends modern analytics to all of the world’s agricultural acres, not just those within easy reach of a fast internet connection....

  • Powerful, Accurate New Measurement Systems

    New for 2017, we introduce the most powerful on- board processing system in the industry for immediate, in-field results. Built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the SLANTRANGE 3p extends modern analytics to all of the world’s agricultural acres, not just those within easy reach of a fast internet connection.

    Invented by SLANTRANGE. Patented by SLANTRANGE. Every SLANTRANGE system includes on-board sunlight calibration for unmatched radiometric accuracy since 2014.

    Immediate Analytics. Anywhere.

    SLANTRANGE systems deliver the information you need at the time and place you need it. That means pushing powerful analytics tools out and away from the cloud and into the field where your decisions need to be made. The SLANTVIEW analytics platform delivers an entirely new approach to crop measurement and analysis – one that works for agriculture.

    What does that mean for you?

    • Valuable new classes of information enabled by low-altitude measurement
    • Immediate, on-site results without any need for network connectivity
    • Far more efficient collection and processing workflows for lower operational costs
    • Exportable data to be consumed wherever, whenever, and however you’d like
  • SlantView
    SlantView is the analytics toolset that transforms raw data from SLANTRANGE sensors into valuable information for farmers....

  • For information to be valuable, it must be both actionable and available when and where it’s needed.

    SlantView was architected from the start to deliver the highest value information, and that includes two fundamental differences from other analytics packages:

    • Diverse and customizable information types can be tailored to the farmer’s immediate needs through advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques.
    • Those information layers can be delivered in a matter of minutes. Anywhere.

    SlantView is a transformative analytics solution that will enable small UAS measurements to reach all of the world’s farmers, not just those with access to high-end computing resources. Read on to see some of the new types of information products SlantView is already producing.

    Valuable New Types of Crop Information

    What would you like to know? That of course depends on what types of crops you’re raising, what time of year it is, where you’re located, and a number of other variables. Your information needs are specific and evolving.

    SlantView is the only airborne agronomy analysis tool that has the versatility to serve those changing needs with more specific and actionable types of information. Your needs are specific, so what is it you’d like to know?

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