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TenCate Advanced Composites is a global provider of thermoset and thermoplastic-based composite prepregs. We serve the aerostructure, satellite, radome and high performance industrial markets. We technically partner with customers to assure mission success. TenCate is a leading supplier to military UAV platforms with structural carbon fiber-based composites; and quartz-based composites for high energy and satcom radomes. Key brands include TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic composites and TenCate AmberTool® tooling prepregs. Contact us at info@tcac-usa.com or download our app with full datasheets and technical literature. TenCate also has a fully integrated chopped fiber compression molding service that can design complex composites parts.


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  • TenCate Cetex® TC1225 is an engineered thermoplastic composite, utilizing a semicrystalline engineered polyarlyetherketone (PAEK) resin for excellent mechanical performance and lower processing temperatures. The distinctive value of TenCate Cetex® TC1225 over other composites with a PAEK family matrix is the reduction in processing temperature by 50 - 75°C*. This enables TenCate Cetex® TC1225 to be processed on machines with a lower temperature range, potentially reducing investment costs in both machines and tooling. The lower processing temperature speeds up cycle times; due to shorter heat-up and cooling cycles, using less energy in the process. Additionally, TenCate Cetex® TC1225 is an ideal composite to be overmoulded with neat or short fibre reinforced PEEK resin, creating a very strong bond. Overmoulding, integrating long fibre reinforced composites in an injection moulding process, combines the strength of high-end composites with the design freedom and complexity of injection moulding parts. TenCate Cetex® TC1225 is available as a reinforced thermoplastic laminate (RTL), a fabric based semi-preg and a UD tape, all manufactured from Victrex’s newest polymer matrix and high strength carbon fabric reinforcement. * Standard PEEK processes at temperatures up to 400°C TENCATE CETEX® TC1225

    PRODUCT BENEFITS / FEATURES • Improved and cost effective processing temperatures at relatively low processing temperatures (325 - 350°C) • Form freedom - suited for overmoulding with neat or short fibre reinforced PEEK • Excellent mechanical performance • Good performance at elevated temperatures

  • TenCate TC380 sets a new benchmark for toughened epoxy prepreg systems. TC380 is extremely tough with an excellent balance of OHC, OHT, CAI, and GIC/GIIC properties. It features low moisture absorption with outstanding hot/wet mechanical properties to 250°F (121°C). TC380 is optimized for out of autoclave/vacuum bag only cures, facilitating construction of large or complex composite parts and assemblies. Unlike some other highly toughened systems, there is no need to sequence the prepreg front and back face, assuring robustness and simplifying lay-up. TC380 tack and out life are 21 and 30 days, respectively.

    PRODUCT BENEFITS/FEATURES • Outstanding toughness, open hole, and compression after impact properties • Excellent hot/wet strength retention • Robust processing and low voids under vacuum only cure pressure • Long outtime and tack life for extended shop floor handling • Tack and handling qualities are well-suited to both automated and hand lay-up methods • Can be processed with initial cure at 275°F (135°C), followed by free standing post cure at 350°F (177°C), increasing process flexibility and tool material options

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  • TenCate Advanced Composites, a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, will be launching their next generation of fibre reinforced composite materials for aerospace and high performance industrial applications during Xponential 2017 (Booth #3268).

     The new thermoplastic and thermoset prepreg systems which feature enhanced processability and performance capabilities include:


    TenCate Cetex® TC1225 –  An engineered PAEK-based thermoplastic prepreg that harnesses high performance mechanics with lower processing temperatures for aerospace applications. Suitable for overmoulding with PEEK, the PAEK composite materials from TenCate enable form freedom and part consolidation in the highest performance applications. Available in carbon-based UD tape, laminates and semi-preg fabric formats.

     TenCate TC380 -   a toughened epoxy with outstanding compression after impact and open hole compression strengths, making this system ideal for aerostructure applications on helicopters, UAVs and military aircraft.

    TenCate is a world leader in the supply of advanced composites for military aircraft, helicopters and UAV's.  Our systems are found on major platforms such as the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator and Reaper UASs and the Northrop Grumman BAMS UAV.  We are also the world leader in low dielectric quartz-based materials for satcom and high energy military radomes.  We have manufacturing facilities in both the U.S. and Europe to support your next program. 

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    TenCate Advanced Composites

    Contact Michael Cichon, Director of Product Marketing

    Phone" +1.408.776.0700   Email: info@tcac-usa.com  Website: www.tencateadvancedcomposites.com

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