April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

Reasons to Attend AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

The Spot for Cutting-Edge Education

XPONENTIAL 2018 offers a broad-based, balanced educational program brimming with cutting-edge content and inspirational insights—from policy implications and technical challenges to use cases across vertical markets and everything in between.

The Spot for an Interactive Experience

Check out all of the show features designed to shape your XPONENTIAL experience:

XPONENTIAL 2018 Promotional Opportunities


As the largest unmanned systems and robotics event in the world, AUVSI XPONENTIAL is YOUR best opportunity to influence buyers, build your brand, expand your network and/or launch new technologies to both existing and new customers alike.


To make it easier, the opportunities are categorized into four buckets by objectives:

  • Branding/Product Launch
  • Networking
  • Target Demographic
  • Thought Leadership

Your Business Strategist is here to help review the options and to customize accordingly to help improve ROI and accomplish your objectives. We did not list every opportunity as that would bury you in a sea of options. If you do not see what you’re looking for, don’t worry we’ve got additional opportunities like email sponsorships, Hosted VIP Guests or white-glove meeting coordination.

XPONENTIAL Sponsorship Kit
Sponsorship Kit
The MIX Kit
The MIX Kit
The MIX Kit
XBuild Kit

Click on the appropriate icon to get started and see what opportunities await!

Boost your brand even more!

Ask your Business Strategist about Sponsorship Enhancements like:

  • Email sponsorships
  • Hosted VIP Guests
  • White-glove meeting coordination
Eric Hallberg

Eric Hallberg
Exhibiting Opportunities
Business Strategist
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Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison
Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities
Senior Business Strategist
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Alex Mann

Alex Mann
Business Operations Manager
International and State Pavilions
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