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Rick Holasek

Product Line Manager, Spectral Systems


Dr. Rick Holasek is the Product Line Manager for Spectral Systems at Corning Advanced Optics. In this role, he is responsible for business and technology development. Dr. Holasek was formerly the founder, President and CEO of Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc. (dba NOVASOL). NOVASOL was a high-tech company that specialized in the design, development, and deployment of electro/optical (E/O) systems and free space optical communications systems for defense, environmental, medical, and industrial applications. NOVASOL was acquired by Corning in January 2015.

Dr. Holasek has more than 25 years of industry experience in E/O technology and applications. He excels at fostering key relationships with multiple and varied organizations in state and federal government, in local, national and international businesses and academic institutions. Dr. Holasek has a unique background of concept innovation, technical leadership, program development, performance, and management of R&D through fixed-price product delivery programs in support of a wide range of commercial and defense applications. He has extensive experience in multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing in ultraviolet, visible, near and thermal infrared, photography and lasers with orbital, airborne and ground based instruments. Dr. Holasek has successfully managed several programs for data analysis, hardware and software development, target identification algorithm development, environmental mapping, remediation and planning, remote sensing reconnaissance and ordnance location, real-time data fusion and high speed data processing, and spectral taggant identification and location. He has extensive experience working in littoral (coastal) zone studies with both military and commercial remote sensing applications, where he has successfully leveraged DoD-funded hardware and software systems in applications for environmental customers.


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