April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

Chris Courtney

Chief Pilot & VP of Flight Operations


Chris Courtney has served over 24 years in both the US Army
and Coast Guard as an officer, leader, senior aviator &
paratrooper accumulating over 3,000 flight hours in highly
technologically advanced airframes. Senior staff & leadership
positions include: Chief of Current Aviation Operations in
Afghanistan, Coast Guard Aviation Program Resource Manager,
Deputy Operations Officer, Attack Helicopter Company
Commander, Aerial Reconnaissance Platoon Leader in South
Korea, Senior Instructor Pilot, Flight Standardization Officer
and Flight Examiner. He is an expert in worldwide aviation operations, program management, standardization, safety, training, and has extensive experience flying in combat zones and for homeland security and rescue missions. During his successful career, he earned 11 Meritorious Service, Commendation & Achievement Medals for superior leadership, judgment, performance of duties and heroics in flight having saved 37 lives.

As Measure’s Chief Pilot and Senior Vice President of Operations he is responsible for all oversight, tasking, direction and risk management of company’s pilots and employment of unmanned aircraft systems. He also manages the company’s aerospace engineering section and team of GIS, CAD and remote sensing analysts who process terabytes of data monthly. He successfully stood up Measure's operational program from the ground up and scaled operations from zero to thousands of flights across 40+ states addressing 20 drone use cases in energy, construction, media, agriculture and telecom for some of the largest companies in the world.


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