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Col Anthony Bolden

Assistant Chief of Staff
Installations Protection and Management


Colonel Ché Bolden is a career Marine officer, currently assigned as the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 for Marine Corps Installations Command.
Designated a naval flight officer in 1996, Colonel Bolden has accumulated over 2,000 flight hours in multiple aircraft and weapons systems. His professional experiences cover a wide range of military operations, including combat aviation, special reconnaissance, combined arms, international relations, and unmanned aviation. Over the course of his more than 23 years in service, he has supported numerous training exercises throughout the United States and Asia, as well as combat operations over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan, where he conducted close air support, forward air control (airborne) and tactical airborne coordination (airborne) in support of U.S. and coalition ground combat forces. His operational experience includes tours as squadron commander, weapons and tactics instructor, operations officer, and air officer. Bolden’s joint experience includes a tour in the European Command Plans branch as operations officer and bilateral exercise coordinator for the Office of Defense Cooperation, Madrid.
A Western Europe foreign area officer, Bolden is a 1993 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in history. He holds a Master of Arts in international affairs and diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University and a Master of Arts in strategic studies from The Marine Corps War College at Marine Corps University. Most recently, Colonel Bolden as a Commandant of the Marine Corps Senior Fellow, assigned as a Federal Executive Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Colonel Bolden is married to Penelope Jane. They reside in Falls Church, Virginia and have three daughters – Mikaley (2000), Kyra (2002) and Talia (2006).


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