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Ran Krauss

CEO & Co-founder
Airobotics, Ltd.


Ran is a leader and an influencer in the drone industry, working at the intersection of robotics, practical aviation and drone flight. Adept at developing new markets, creating successful products, and building teams with extensive technological expertise, Ran co-founded Airobotics with Meir
Kliner in 2014 with the mindset of creating an end-to-end, fully automated drone solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable business insights.
Airobotics is revolutionary within the commercial drone industry, as the company enables clients to
run automatic missions for monitoring, inspecting, surveying, and securing large industrial facilities and other strategic sites such as mines, oil & gas companies and seaports.
Ran previously co-founded three successful companies, two are drone companies: ParaZero, which builds ballistic parachutes for drones, and Bladeworx, which was the first company to receive a commercial UAS operator license from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Ran is the first licensed commercial UAV pilot in Israel, having assisted the Civil Aviation Authority in Israel to establish regulation for commercial UAV operation in 2011.
Ran studied Industrial Engineering at Ben Gurion Univeristy from 2008-2012.
Watch Ran’s story on his TEDx talk:
Find Ran on LinkedIn: רן קאר ו-ס - -b634264a


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