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Sudhir Pai

Managing Director


Sudhir Pai, based in Houston Texas, has been Managing Director at Schlumberger Robotics Services. Sudhir has held a variety of management, technology and business leadership positions within Schlumberger, including vice president and general manager of Completions, general manager of operations in Mumbai, India and more recently MD at Liquid Robotics Oil and Gas (LROG), a Schlumberger start up Joint Venture. In June 2015, he was promoted to the board of LROG. His more than 30 years of worldwide oilfield services experience also include assignments in corporate planning, supply chain, human resources, service quality, and health, safety & environment. He has worked in 9 countries including Middle East, India, UK and USA.

Sudhir holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from University of Bombay. He is an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and vice-chairman of the Arctic Technology Conference (ATC-2018), an Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) event. He is also on the advisory boards of SpaceCom 2018, Technology Collaboration Center (TCC) and Subsea Systems Institute (SSI). In April 2016, Sudhir was recognized by the United States National Diversity Council with the 2016 Texas Multicultural Leadership Award. He is deeply involved in Schlumberger’s global stewardship program (SEED), United Way of Houston and The KinkaidConnect mentorship program at his daughter’s school.


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