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Jim Sisco

Principal Engineer
Protonex Technology Corp


Jim Sisco is Principal Engineer for Ballard Power Systems’ Protonex subsidiary, and leads technical activities developing aerospace and undersea power systems for both defense (Protonex) and commercial (Ballard) applications.
Dr. Sisco serves as technical lead for fuel cell based propulsion and power systems research and development, aerospace and undersea applications. In six years with the company, he has led fuel cell power system design and integration efforts for the NRL Hybrid Tiger and Sea Robin, LMCO Desert Hawk EER, and Insitu ScanEagle UAS platforms, as well as multiple commercial aircraft. Additionally, Dr. Sisco has led development of critical technologies for undersea fuel cell power systems with partners Cellula Robotics and others.
Dr. Sisco has over fifteen years’ experience in propulsion system research and development that includes rocket and air breathing combustors and catalytic reactors. He holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University.


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