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Michael Johnson

Sea Machines Robotics


Michael Gordon Johnson is a man captivated and driven by industry and the oceanic domain.

A marine engineer, Merchant Marine officer, 3x entrepreneur and leader, he holds a primary goal of building progressive and sustainable innovation for modern society.

Michael is the founder and CEO of Sea Machines, a Boston-based tech company that is a leading provider of autonomous control & intelligent perception systems for marine vessels. The company brings new opportunities to the established domains of marine commerce, marine science, and marine recreation. In 2018, the company launched the SM300, an autonomous control system for fleet-supporting workboats & utility craft. To make this possible, Michael has raised over $12 million in venture capital from leading funds and corporations such as Toyota and Brunswick.

Michael holds a marine engineering degree from Texas A&M University and has led many major offshore oil & gas and marine transportation and vessel salvage projects around the globe. Prior to starting Sea Machines, he was a Vice President at Crowley Maritime and their affiliate company, Titan Salvage, where he wrote the proposal to raise the wrecked COSTA CONCORDIA cruise ship, a successful and profitable project that earned over $1.3 billion in revenue.

Michael is also a conservationist and knows that humanity should live with the planet not on it, and as the dominant species on this world we have the explicit moral responsibility to protect other species, their habitats and ensure nature’s balance.


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