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Randall Warnas

Global Sales Manager
FLIR Systems, Inc.


Randall Warnas manages FLIR’s sUAS business globally, and has a singularly unique perspective of the drone industry. From pioneering drone retail in 2014, he went on to develop the initial stages and foundation of DJI’s Enterprise business. Now working for FLIR, he has engaged with tens of thousands of end-users in both the consumer and commercial space, helped consult and develop hundreds of business around the use of drones, and has worked with most drone manufacturers, software providers, and industrial service companies.

Through interfacing with such a wide variety of participants in the drone space, Randall uses this lens to help grow and promote the industry throughout the world. With aerial thermal imaging being one of the most proven applications of drones in the commercial space, his exposure to a variety of use-cases allows him to evaluate and validate potential opportunities with this technology. He also enjoys using his network to bring together different parties to take their aerial aspirations to new heights.

Randall has a Masters in International Affairs from the American University in Washington DC, and a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Utah. Before drones, Randall was involved in the intelligence community, malaria diagnostics, and foreign currency exchange.


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