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Philip Koopman

Chief Technologist, Edge Case Research LLC, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University


Dr. Koopman is an internationally known expert in the areas of autonomous vehicle validation, software safety, software quality, and embedded system design. He is a tenured faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University with appointments in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, the Institute for Software Research, and the Robotics Institute.

Dr. Koopman has learned what it takes to get embedded software right over the course of more than 200 industry design reviews across a multitude of industries, and currently teaches embedded systems to both undergraduate and graduate students. He was the leader of the Ballista project at Carnegie Mellon that pioneered software robustness testing. He now has more than 20 years of experience with applying robustness testing to real-world systems, including the ASTAA and RIOT projects for autonomous vehicle and robot stress testing.

Dr. Koopman is the author of the book Better Embedded System Software, which distills his experience into a set of lessons learned that broadly apply across the entire embedded software industry. Additionally, he has served as the testifying expert on software safety in high profile automotive unintended acceleration cases. He holds 27 issued US patents and has well over 100 publications.

Dr. Koopman's background includes time as a submarine officer for the US Navy, a principal in a several startups, an embedded CPU architect for Harris Semiconductor, and an embedded system architect for United Technologies Research Center. At Carnegie Mellon he has worked in the broad areas of wearable computers, software robustness, embedded networking, dependable embedded computer systems, and autonomous vehicle safety.


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