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Drew Van Duren

Technical Director, IoT Security
OnBoard Security, Inc.


Drew Van Duren is Technical Director of IoT Security at OnBoard Security, Inc., a cybersecurity company dedicated to the safe and secure deployment of transportation systems, advanced cryptography and hardware-enhanced trusted computing solutions. A senior DoD and transportation industry security professional, Drew highlights almost 20 years of support to commercial and government customers in their efforts to secure vital systems through threat modeling, cryptographic key management, PKI engineering, secure software development, secure interoperable network protocol design, and system security architecture evaluation. Originally an aerospace engineer, his experience evolved into cyber-physical risk management and communications security. He has provided extensive security expertise to the U.S. FAA Unmanned Air System (UAS) integration office and in conjunction with the RTCA developed cryptographic security requirements for unmanned aircraft that will operate in the US National Airspace System. Drew has also managed as Technical Director the two largest FIPS 140-2 (cryptographic module) cryptographic testing laboratories, and has directed and performed extensive cryptographic security engineering and system architecture design of transportation as well as high assurance DoD systems. Drew co-authored the book, ‘Practical Internet of Things Security’ and today provides security consulting for the New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment, the world’s largest planned deployment of 10,000 connected vehicles and smart infrastructure.


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