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Matt Sloane

Skyfire Consulting


Matt Sloane is the founder and CEO of Skyfire Consulting, the nation's leading public safety-focused UAV consultancy. Skyfire focuses on developing turnkey UAV programs for fire/rescue, police and emergency management agencies, and maintains a 24/7/365 UAV strike team to respond to emergencies themselves.

Working with more than 60 agencies from Decorah, Iowa Fire Department to Los Angeles Fire and Orlando Bomb Squad, they've helped train hundreds of capable public safety operators.

Before founding Skyfire, and it's parent company Atlanta Drone Group, Matt spent 14 years as a producer at CNN, 10 of which he worked with CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

He also has a background as the chief of training and resources for Emory EMS in Atlanta, is a certified EMT-Intermediate, and an FAA certified manned aircraft pilot.


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