April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

Michael Reid

Lead, Aircraft Systems
Boom Supersonic


Michael Reid is based in Denver, CO and has been working with Boom Supersonic as the Lead of Aircraft Systems for the last 2 years. Michael is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. His passion for aircraft lead him to Boeing Commercial Aircraft after college to work on the autopilot for the 787-8 then on to Scaled Composites where he contributed to the design and flight test of 5 new prototype aircraft. While at Scaled, Michael also had the opportunity to fly multiple high altitude research missions in both Proteus and WhiteKnightTwo. Before joining Boom, Michael integrated and brought to flight test the first manned prototype of Zee.Aero's EVTOL airtaxi concept. Michael has been fortunate during his short career to make contributions to 7 new flying aircraft configurations and is very excited to see new designs reach higher altitudes and faster speeds.


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