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Guy Bar-Nahum

Airspace Systems, Inc


Guy Bar-Nahum is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Airspace Systems, Inc. where he builds autonomous counter-drone aircraft for civilian and government applications.

Guy held senior managing positions at Apple and Samsung in the center of the mobile revolution. He joined Apple as the first member of the iPod Software engineering team in 2001, where he held key positions and was instrumental in building the team, shaping iPod and iPhone technology until 2008. During his tenure at Apple, Guy had a chance to participate in the “movement” that defined the mobile era we live in today and transformed Apple from a troubled computer company into a cultural and business powerhouse.

After Apple, Guy was Vice President of Samsung Mobile User Experience Lab at Silicon Valley, responsible for creating new disruptive mobile products and services for Samsung Mobile. He focused on bringing dataset value and fostering deep integration of web and 3rd party solutions into the mobile experience, including development of new mobile sensors, new form factors beyond the handset and tablet, Internet-of-Things and Wearables.


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