April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

Sara de la Rosa

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Program Lead


With a MSc in Satellite Remote Sensing (2005) and a PhD in Geophysics (2011), Sara is one of the few specialists who has been working in the commercial UAS consulting domain since early 2013 with a focus on security and situational awareness applied to ISR, disaster risk reduction and search and rescue. She is now leading the UAS Program for UNICEF at the Office of Innovation in New York HQ, supporting government programs that are opening new opportunities for the unmanned industry in the humanitarian, development and health supply chain strengthening fields. Part of her work consists in enhancing UAS education and advocating for the establishment of frameworks to support operational use cases that will lead to increased country resilience to tackle events such as natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks and people displacements.


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