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Leonard Bouygues

Project Loon - In-flight operations' Manager
X inc.


Leonard Bouygues currently manages Project Loon’s Mission Control. His team of Flight Engineers oversees the in-flight operations of an autonomous fleet of dozens to hundreds of high-altitude balloons that navigate the world using complex algorithms to exploit wind currents. Project Loon Balloons aim to provide Internet access to remote and underserved areas of the world.

Project Loon is the first large scale high-altitude supervised autonomous system. As such, Loon Mission Control is leading the way to design innovative systems and procedures that allow the safe and efficient operation of the fleet. Leading this team, Leonard has been collaborating closely with FAA and Australian CASA to support the ICAO SASP initiative on defining separation standards for balloons, and is working with Civil and Military aviation authorities of countries around the planet to define standardized operational procedures.

Prior to joining Project Loon, Leonard served as a Global Product Lead for Google where he managed the global go-to-market strategy of software products, leveraging big-data analysis. Leonard holds a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, a M.Sc. in Management of Technology and Innovation form MIT, and a M.Sc. in management from HEC Paris.


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