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Andrew Lacher

Autonomy Integration and Adoption Lead, Transportation Transformation Technical Center
The MITRE Corporation


Andrew Lacher has over 30 years of systems engineering experience mostly in the aviation and transportation systems domain. He currently has a leadership role in defining The MITRE Corporation’s research strategy in unmanned and autonomous systems where is the lead for Autonomy Integration and Adoption in the Transportation Transformation Technical Center. He has focused on the safe and secure integration of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in civil airspace as well as methods to calibrate the trustworthiness of autonomous systems.

Much of Mr. Lacher’s research and analysis activities involve improving the safety, security, and efficiency of aviation operations through the application of new information technologies. Mr. Lacher worked on the definition of NextGen as part of the Joint Program and Development Office and was a thought leader in the area of future Traffic Flow Management concepts including Collaborative Decision-Making.

In addition to his MITRE work, Mr. Lacher worked as a product manager for Orbcomm and was a strategic information technology consultant working with small airlines. He serves on a number of committees, standards working groups, and external research advisory panels. He was one of the authors of a National Research Council study on Autonomy Research for Civil Aviation: Toward a New Era of Flight and currently serves on the FAA’s RE&D Advisory Committee for Aircraft Safety. Mr. Lacher earned both an MS in Operations Research and a BS in Electrical Engineering at The George Washington University.


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