April 30 – May 3: Educational Program | May 1 - 3: Exhibits

Kyle Snyder

NGAT Center @ ITRE


In 2012 Kyle returned home to North Carolina to lead the development of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Ecosystem as part of an effort to transition the state to a modern air transportation system. Through his experiences in industry, academia, government, and the non-profit sector, Kyle has developed a unique perspective and skill set for transitioning new aviation technologies from research laboratories and prototype phases into operational products. In the role as the NGAT Program Director, Kyle is reaching across North Carolina to connect researchers and educators with industry and government offices that are preparing for future aviation capabilities. Having seen the initial Space Shuttle launches from his backyard as kid, to standing on the flight line for a couple of the last SR-71 flights at NASA Dryden, to being a driving force in the domestic integration of UAS for civil and commercial operations, Kyle continues to be inspired by science of flight and seeks to share those moments with those around him (especially his wife and young son!).


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