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Dan Kara

Vice President, Robotics and Intelligent Systems


Mr. Dan Kara has been Vice President of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at WTWH Media, LLC since January 12, 2018. He was Research Director/Practice Director at Allied Business Intelligence, Inc. since September 3, 2014. Mr. Kara focused on robotics innovation across various industries including consumer, construction, security, healthcare, agriculture, and education. He was a Co-founder of MYRIA RAS and served as its Chief Research Officer. He served as President of Robotics Trends, the robotics division EH Media, and the producer of Robotics Trends and Robotics Business Review online news, information and analysis portals, as well as a number of robotics business development events. Mr. Kara is a widely known research analyst and well respected thought leader who has extensive business development experience with nascent technology markets that are poised for rapid growth. Mr. Kara was co-founder of Intermedia Group and served as its Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President. He also served as Vice President of Advanced Information Technology Research at Sentry Group, Vice President and Director of Research at Ullo International, and as Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Software Productivity Group. He was Developer and Chairman of the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition series, the RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition series, the RoboNexus Conference and Exposition series, and the CES Robotics TechZone. He served as Member of Advisory board of CoroWare, Inc. since December 13, 2010 until August 2013. He was the publisher of


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