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Flying-Cam International Limited  

  • Booth: 3922

We arrived with 30 years of Unmanned Helicopter Evolution !

FLYING-CAM, leader in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles industry, makes award winning helicopters – integral with a proprietary auto-pilot. FLYING-CAM, as OEM manufacturer, takes off as an industrial grade unmanned helicopter provider, having evolved through 30 years, performing thousands of flight hours in over 75 countries. FLYING-CAM strictly adhering to aviation standards, provides a safe and flexible multi-application platform. Bearing significant payload and endurance, the platform possesses unrivalled stability and manoeuvrability. Founded in Belgium in 1988, with also offices in Maastricht (Netherlands), Hong Kong & Beijing (China) and Los Angeles, FLYING-CAM was the first to provide commercial operations with drone helicopters.