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San Luis Obispo,  CA 
United States
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Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, WhiteFox is a defense and security company that provides comprehensive solutions to make the sky safer and more accessible to future innovations. As leading pioneers in a new industry, we are setting the standard for Drone Airspace Management. The foundation of WhiteFox is to serve, protect, and innovate. The technologies we develop continually push the boundaries of these three values and mark the cornerstone of why we do what we do. To learn more about WhiteFox, our mission, and how we're pursuing a better tomorrow, please visit or contact


  • The DroneFox
    The DroneFox is a drone threat detection, identification, and mitigation device that allows an operator to protect against 100% of critical threat models and 90% of the worldwide drone market....

  • WhiteFox has developed a comprehensive, intuitive, man-portable, readily integrated, high-performance, low-impact, small footprint, personnel efficient, and cost-effective drone threat detection, identification, and mitigation device called the DroneFox. The DroneFox detects drones in an airspace, with a range extending even kilometers beyond visual line of sight. A forensic threat analysis is executed on target drones based on variables including its payload capacity, model, location, pilot’s location, and live video feed, thereby extending operator’s ability to protect others from the ground into the airspace above. DroneFox operators are able to safely mitigate the threat posed by sUAS using DJI Lightbridge 2 encryption and other common protocols. This defensive counter-sUAS solution is produced in a form factor that is man-portable and easily fixed to a secure location.
  • FLEA
    FLEA is a comprehensive, intuitive, handheld, low-impact, cost-effective, detection, classification, and continuous non-jamming defeat device of Wi-Fi enabled drones....

  • The FLEA uses WhiteFox’s proprietary algorithm to prevent Wi-Fi enabled drones from communicating without jamming, interference, or collateral damage, i.e. creating a selective bubble of protection. WhiteFox’s algorithm exploits an inherent vulnerability in the Wi-Fi standard, and thus cannot be patched. The FLEA has whitelist and blacklist modes (meaning only specific whitelisted devices/manufacturers/types can be explicitly permitted to communicate; or all but specific blacklisted devices/manufacturers/types are permitted to communicate).

    WhiteFox appreciates the opportunity to respond to queries to identify solutions that adeptly address national security and public safety mission challenges. Our team looks forward to further discussion regarding our approach, methodologies, and solutions to support your mission set.

    For access to additional technical specifications, updates on evolving capabilities, additional whitepapers, and to determine how WhiteFox can employ their solutions to fit your specific needs, contact Ryan Hodgens at: +1 (805) 250-9959 or

    WISDM modules are SWaP-C optimized, cost-effective devices to identify friend or foe UAS. Attached to a UAS, WISDM uses a proprietary and cryptographically secure communication protocol that authenticates the UAS as friendly and identifies others as foe....

  • WISDM modules are SWaP-C optimized, personnel efficient, high-performance, and cost-effective devices to identify friend or foe (IFF) UAS. Attached to a UAS, WISDM uses a proprietary and cryptographically secure communication protocol that authenticates the UAS as friendly and identifies others as foe. Each unit is under 10 grams and uses either the UAV or a Lithium Ion Battery as a power source.

    Operationally, if there are five UASs detected in the airspace with three using an onboard WISDM module to cryptographically identify themselves as friendly, then the other two UASs are known to be hostile. Anti-spoofing algorithms provide cryptographic assurance for unique and trusted identity management.

    The intellectual merit of WISDM is defined primarily by a proprietary set of applications of protocols and relevant algorithms which provide a licensing and authentication scheme for sUAS. This system is the first of its kind, scalable, and broadly applicable to multiple classes of devices.