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GetSAT is the leading provider of Micronized Satellite Terminals. The InterFlat is the latest breakthrough in antenna panel technology, providing the world’s highest efficiency performance in the smallest package. Combining the InterFlat with our state-of-the-art control and tracking mechanism, creates the most powerful satellite terminal system.

 Press Releases

  • GetSAT’s Micronized SatCom Terminals Used by U.S. Agencies in Ground and Maritime Applications

    GetSAT, an innovator in lightweight satellite communication terminals for ground, airborne, and maritime applications, today announced that the U.S. Government selected GetSAT’s MicroSAT and MilliSAT L/M (land and maritime) versions for providing maritime and ground-based secure communications-on-the-move (COTM) applications.

    The deal is worth an undisclosed multi-million dollar amount. GetSAT will highlight these product lines at the XPONENTIAL Show booth (#3639) in Denver, CO. 1-3 May, 2018.

    GetSat's micronized communications terminals are based on the company's patented fully-interlaced InterFLAT panel technology for transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel.

    Meeting the demanding requirements of full time usage in harsh environments, these rugged satellite on the move (SOTM) terminals offer significant savings in size, weight, and power usage.

    GetSAT CEO, Kfir Benjamin reported, “Our selection by the U.S. Government is not a surprise. Rather it is a testament to our platforms meeting a myriad of mission critical operations parameters. Soon, GetSat's InterFLAT panel technology, as well as our platforms, will become common names throughout the industry as we continue to provide leading edge communications on the move solutions, platforms and technologies." Constructed in a super-light compact installation, GetSAT's L/M platforms are micronized, fully integrated, on the move rugged terminals.

    Based on built-in InterFLAT panel technology, all L/M terminals are easy to deploy and integrate, and can be outfitted with various antenna sizes in accordance with bandwidth requirements of ground, air and marine applications. Its unique all-in-one design including BUC and modem is optimized for harsh environments specs and its ultra-low power consuming platform is compatible with Ka and Ku-Band applications. MicroSat L/M has options for both the Ka and Ku bands, providing autonomous operation for transmitting and receiving bandwidth data rates at more than 10 Mbps. This midsized terminal offers unprecedented bandwidth that can be hand carried in any environment.

    MilliSAT L/M Ka is a medium lightweight portable on-the-move Ka-Band satellite terminal solution. MilliSat enables fully autonomous transmission and reception of high bandwidth data rates of more than 20 Mbps.

    About GetSAT: A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, GetSAT Communications provides affordable, portable, and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. GetSAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian groups.

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  • Micro SAT LW
    MICRO SAT LW, is a small lightweight portable on-the-move satellite terminal...

  • MICRO SAT is a family of products that come in three configurations to accommodate multiple portability / application needs. The option at 3.2 kilos is optimal for airborne connectivity.

    The 4 and 7 kilo options comprise fully integrated, fully ruggedized terminals that are optimized
    for all applications, and are ideal for demanding environments, such as in helicopters, boats, and vehicles.
    With its unique all-in-one design, MICRO SAT is the leading choice for unmanned aerial
    vehicles (UAVs). Its optimized form, size, and weight, enables it to be deployed as
    an integral part of the UAV.
    The MICRO SAT family has options for both the KA and KU bands, providing
    autonomous operation for transmitting and receiving bandwidth data rates at
    more than 10 Mbps.

    MICRO SAT LW (Light Weight), is a small lightweight portable on-the-move satellite terminal
    It is optimal for airborne connectivity, for compact installations, and for fully autonomous operation for transmit and receive of high bandwidth data rates of more than 10 Mbps.

    For scheduling a time at the show so that we could discuss our new UAV COTM antennas please contact and we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss your specific business needs at our booth 3639.

  • Active Blade
    Interlaced electronically steerable antenna...

  • Active blade family of products are the first interlaced ESA (electronically steerable antenna) in the market.
    The super low profile, light weight, low foot print terminal, is the forefront of technology, with antenna efficiency >60%, while covering 2 GHz bandwidth to support both commercial and military Ka bands.

    Multiple sizes are available to accommodate the needs for connectivity in the Air, Land or Sea.

    View Active blade demonstration 

    For scheduling a time at the show so that we could discuss our new UAV COTM antennas please contact and we’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss your specific business needs at our booth 3639.