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FAUN Trackway is in the UK & USA with Partners worldwide.

FAUN Trackway has offices in the UK & USA with agents representing them around the globe offering sales and support. For over 70 years we have designed, manufactured & supported terrain access systems across the globe. Our products are unsurpassed in functionality, quality and durability on land and water. See us in action : fauntrackway.com


    UAV Landing Mats provide a temporary/semi-permanent landing and take-off area for UAV's, drones, RPAs and other airframes. UAVLM is supplied as a kit of aluminium panels, once assembled they create a runway of any length and width....

  • The first landing mat in the World designed to create runways for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones. Used by the Australian Army. 

    UAV Landing Mat provides expeditionary forces witht the ability to build temporary runways where there is no time, requirement or ability to install a permanent airfield. Once laid the Landing Mat can be used for as little as a day or as a permanent solution. UAVLM  is easy to remove and store for reuse or has a 100% recycablity if no longer required. 

    The kit has five elements;

    • TRACKWAY ® - Aluminium panels that inter-lock to create the landing area. 
    • STILLAGES - NATO pallets for storage and transport; can b e aire portable on request.
    • INSTALLATION KIT - Equipment required for installing and removing the Trackway®.
    • GROUND ANCHOR STAKES  - Secures Trackway® to the ground.
    • MEMBRANE - Geotextile membrane placed underneath the Trackway® panels to suppress dust, reduce browout whilst protecting the Trackway®.  

    UAVLM has been tested and recommended by ERDC for Reaper & Predator operations. 


    • Recommended for reaper and predator.
    • Easy to install.
    • Safe zone away from manned aircraft.
    • Foreign object damage protection.
    • Anti skid/slid surface.
    • Transported in 463L pallets.
    HLM is a lightweight easy to transport and assemble product, provides a foundation for expeditionary forces to mark out safe landing areas for helicopters to service Forward Operating Bases to undertake essential maintenance, or drop off supplies....

  • All FAUN® Trackway Helicopter Landing Mat panels are suitable for:

    • Light Observation Helicopters (LOH) e.g. Gazelle;
    • Light Utility Helicopters (LUH) e.g. Lynx;
    • Anti-Tank Helicopters (ATH) e.g. Apache;
    • Attack Helicopters (AH) e.g. Cobra;
    • Light Support Helicopters (LSH) e.g. Merlin, Puma, Sea King;
    • Medium Support Helicopters (MSH) e.g. Chinook;
    • Tactical Transport Helicopters (TTH) e.g. NH90.


    • Light but strong panels;
    • Self aligning;
    • Non-snagging;
    • High temperature capability.


    • Provide temporary or semi-permanent landing areas;
    • Prevent Foreign Object Damage (FOD), thus protecting assets;
    • Alleviate brown out by suppressing dust and airborne debris;
    • Clearly mark permissible landing areas;
    • Create a safe landing area for multiple aircraft;
    • No risk of rucking or snagging;
    • Create a safe working or loading area for ground personnel;
    • Ensure ground/environmental protection;
    • Facilitate multiple landings at the same location;
    • Are easily deployed and recovered using minimal manpower;
    • Are reusable and recyclable, have a long working life and a residual value;
    • Creates a stable platform.