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Hood River,  OR 
United States
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Founded in 2007, SightLine Applications is an industry leader in onboard video processing for advanced camera systems. SightLine processor boards are integrated at the camera level to provide low-latency video processing on a variety of platforms. Compatible with a wide range of cameras, the compact hardware options enable elegant system architectures. Video processing features support a range of surveillance, inspection, and counter UAS applications. Software features include encoding, tracking, enhancement, recording and much more. Our team is committed to constantly improving and adding to these video functions. SightLine understands that experience matters and can claim over a million flight hours in unmanned vehicles.


  • 3000-OEM
    The 3000-OEM is a powerful multi-channel, high definition (HD) video processor well-suited for airborne and ground ISR applications....

  • The board acts as a solution to meet the demand for HD functionality. Onboard processing
    is key for low latency performance and the best video quality.


    • Full HD, true multi-channel processing
    • Small size (88 x 50 x 6.25 mm)
    • SOM style, board-to-board Interface
    • Multi-stream ethernet video (to 1080p/30) + HD out

    Video Inputs

    •Two identical digital inputs. 

  • 1500-OEM
    Designed to add advanced capabilities to camera systems, the 1500-OEM is a small, low-power, single-channel on-board video processing solution which adds value to a wide range of applications....

  • Onboard processing is key for low latency performance and the best video quality.

    • Multiple video inputs - single channel processing
    • Compact size for use in small camera systems
    • OEM, SOM, and enclosed options available for integration flexibility
    • Streamed Ethernet video (to 720p) + analog out

    Video Inputs
    • NTSC/PAL Analog (2 inputs)

  • Precision Landing
    The landing function supports auto-landing operations by automatically finding and tracking an easy to place landing pattern. It provides pattern position, range, and angle....

    • Scalable landing pattern supports landing operations over a wide variety of ranges and approach angles.
    • Independent of GPS, enables accurate landing in GPS degraded or denied environments.
    • Range and angle estimate replaces expensive laser based ranging systems. Inherently eye safe.
    • SightLine ARM application integrates with Autopilots to provide autonomous guidance:
    • PixHawk (PX4 and APM) integrations complete
    • Sample code provided for customer use
    • Natively supported by MicroPilot autopilots
    • Runs on the 1500-OEM and 3000-OEM video processors.
    • Powerful addition to the full set of SightLine video processing functions.
  • Software Library
    The Video Processing Software provides a suite of video functions that are key in a wide variety of real-time ISR applications....

  • Software functions can be added to an existing unit or the Hardware Base System as a license upgrade. The processing software has two pricing tiers, SLA and SLE. SLA provides processing with gimbal control telemetry and SLE processes the video but does not provide detection or tracking telemetry data. With software and hardware flexibility, SightLine provides tailorable, powerful solutions. 

    • Video Stabilization and Roll Correction
    • Scene and Object Tracking
    • Telemetry Data
    • Video Encoding
    • KLV Metadata
    • HD Video
    • Precision Landing
    • Detection Algorithms
    • Video/Snapshot Recording
    • Video Enhancement and Overlays
    • Multi Camera Video Presentation
    • Focus Telemetry