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ShenZhen,  Guangdong 
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Shenzhen United Aircraft Technology Co. Ltd. (Short for "United Aircraft ") was founded in September 2014, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company is engaged in unmanned systems industry which mainly included unmanned aerial vehicles systems, unmanned vessel systems, and unmanned vehicle systems with business scope in research and development, design, manufacturing and service. It is one of the Shenzhen high-tech and China high-tech companies. The company possesses patented technologies. Its “Rotor Driving System” and “Rotor Driving Method and Device” obtained China national invention patent and international invention patent authorization in the four countries of the United States, Australia, Russia and Japan.


  • Rotor
    The Fourth Generation Composite Rotors with φ4.6m and φ10.2m Series.<br />...

  • Compared to the traditional hinged rotor with the function of flapping hinge, lagging hinge and pitching hinge, the new generation bearingless rotor uses flexible beam, which greatly reduces the number of components and makes it easier to maintain.

    The hub is connected with the main shaft by bolts, which reduces the number of components and the weight of the rotor.

    Compared to the structure of traditional rotor, the fourth generation rotor is controlled independently, and the inner axis pitch control used on the upper rotor. It simplifies the structure and reduces the aerodynamic drag.

  • HeliAP Autopilot System
    HeliAP autopilot system is self - developed by UATAIR with independent intellectual property rights. It uses highly reliable redundant avionics system, the world's leading adaptive H∞ control algorithm and distributed PEM identification algorithm....

  • ◆ Adaptive H∞ control algorithm and distributed PEM identification algorithm;

    ◆ Redundancy backup capability ( Double redundancy design )

    ◆ Autonomous takeoff , landing and flight capabilities ;

    ◆ Cooperative flight control ;

    ◆ High-speed flight and maneuver capabilities ;

    ◆ Anti-wind, anti-jamming and self-recovery capability ;

    ◆ Fault diagnosis and system reconfiguration capabilities ;

    ◆ High-performance processor (PowerPC), Built-in data logger (8G);

    ◆ Support two redundant input signal management and output signal processing ;

    ◆ Centralized architecture adapts to on-board compact layout ;

    ◆ Have a perfect machine self-test (BIT) function ;

    ◆Integrated avionics management (including steering gear, generator and battery, positioning and navigation, attitude measurement, airspeed measurement, altitude and distance measurement, fuel measurement, temperature measurement, speed measurement, vibration measurement, navigation lights, etc.)

  • TA168 Multi-Rotor UAV
    TA168 Multi-rotor UAV uses lightweight carbon fiber shell, folded fuselage structure and the dismountable rotor with the characteristic of flexible and easy to carry....

  • Based on the advanced flight control system, the TA168 Multi-Rotor UAV can autonomously take-off, land, hover and route fly. 

    Max Take -off Weight


    Empty Weight


    Max Payload


    Max Cruise Time


    Max Speed


    Service Ceiling


    Max Mission Radius


    Cruise Velocity


    Anti-wind Capability

    Force 5

  • TD220 Coaxial Dual-rotor Unmanned Helicopter
    Compact Structure, Full-Automation, High Precision Control...

  • TD220 Unmanned Helicopter uses coaxial dual-rotor technology and modular design, making a compact structure and easy to maintain. Equipped with self-developed flight control system, TD220 achieves fully automatic take-off, hovering, route flight and landing. TD220 adopts electronically controlled-sub-control type rotor control technology to reduce the complexity of the structure & the overall weight, and to improve system reliability.

    Rotor diameter








    Max Take-off Weight


    Max Payload


    Max Cruise Time

    4h  (35kg)

    Max Speed


    Hover Height


    Max Mission Radius


    Cruise Velocity


    Anti-wind Capability

    Force 5

  • T333 Unmanned Helicopter
    High Reliability; Security Assurance; Multi-redundant Design; The plateau take-off/ landing performance...

  • T333 unmanned helicopter applying the lightweight modular design, obtains the functions of fault detection and health diagnosis. T333 achieves better power efficiency and stronger wind resistance by using the coaxial dual-rotor configuration, streamline shape design, non-bearing composite rotor, DMH paddle, ''H"-type tail and the rear three-wheel-retractable landing gear.


    Max Take -off Weight


    Max Landing Heigh


    Max Payload


    Max Cruise Time


    Max Speed


    Service Ceiling


    Max Mission Radius


    Cruise velocity


    Anti-wind Capability

    Force 8