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Connect the dots on cross-industry opportunities:


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Calex Manufacturing Co. Inc.  

Concord,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 4338

Powering the Future of Transportation, visit our booth 4338

Calex offers DC-DC power converters for automotive, transportation and industrial applications. Our products are used in virtually every industry requiring voltage conversion from 4W - 3.5kW. Our manufacturing facility, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, is ISO9001:2015 Certified and uses the latest manufacturing technologies.


  • FXA DC/DC Converter
    The 1000W Single output FXA DC/DC Power Converter meets the most rigorous performance and is optimized for 12V battery applications, but can also be used in 24Vin process control and 28Vin military COTS applications.<br /><br />...

  • The 4:1 Input Voltage FXA Converter provides a precisely regulated dc output. The output voltage is fully isolated from the input, allowing the output to be positive or negative polarity and with various ground connections. The converter includes output current monitor (Imon) and temperature monitor (TEMP) signals. Threaded through holes are provided to allow easy mounting or addition of a heatsink for extended temperature operation.

    The converters' high efficiency and high power density are accomplished through the use of high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuit, packaging and thermal design thus resulting in a high reliability product. 

    Product Features

    • 9-36 VDC Input voltage range allows for operation in 12VDC or 24VDC battery applications
    • Industry Leading power density - more power for less weight 
    • Efficiency up to 95.4%, results in less heat generation for a longer battery life
    • Encapsulated design for moisture and humidity resistant modules
    • Good shock and vibration damping; ruggedized construction can handle mechanical stresses

  • Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter
    The 3,500 Watt Bi-Directional non-isolated DC/DC converter provides a complete solution for in-vehicle power distribution in 12V/48V battery configurations for a variety of applications including micro and mild hybrid automotive systems....

  • The Bi-Directional DC/DC converter charges a low side (12V) battery during normal operation (buck mode) and charges or assists the high voltage (48V) battery in emergency situations (boost mode). The Bi-Directional converter operates more as an ideal current source with variable direction, thus allowing energy transfer between two voltage domains.

    Voltage feedback maintains output voltage within the acceptable operating range and eventually allows a custom charging profile for the battery pack. It regulates the average current flowing between the high voltage and low voltage ports in the direction selected via CAN interface. It is packaged in an unprecedented low profile 9.45” x 5.366” x 0.725” mechanically enclosed package weighing only 2.86 lbs. The package makes the unit ideal for harsh shock and vibration requirements as well as easy integration with a battery pack. Four M8 bushings are provided two for power connection and two for ground connections.


    • Low Side (LS): 12V Input Voltage Range: 6V - 18V
    • High Side (HS): 48V Input Voltage Range: 24V - 58V
    • High power density
    • Efficiency up to 97%
    • Good shock and vibration damping
    • Excellent thermal performance