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Connect the dots on cross-industry opportunities:


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Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd  

Middleton Stoney,  OXFORDSHIRE 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 1320

Oxford Technical Solutions specialises in high-precision inertial navigation systems (IMU + GNSS) running OxTS’ own navigation engine to measure position, velocity and orientation. Typical applications commonly pair the INS with LiDAR or photogrammetry cameras for mobile mapping (land and aerial), asset management, rail survey and more.

 Press Releases

  • Oxford Technical Solutions releases automatic boresight alignment tool.

    New GeoCloud software from inertial navigation experts OxTS [Booth 1320] not only improves the accuracy of point clouds but generates ready to use LAS point cloud files, thanks to their automatic boresight alignment tool. Using their popular xNAV550 — a real-time, PPK capable, GNSS-aided inertial navigation system— and a Velodyne LiDAR scanner, they have published results from several tests showing significant improvement in point cloud planarity after using the automatic boresight alignment tool, which should appeal to anyone conducting LiDAR surveys using land-based vehicles or UAVs.

    “As a company we already have a long and proven history with automotive manufacturers worldwide who use our inertial navigation systems to precisely measure vehicle position and attitude during development and testing,” explains Paris Austin, business manager for LiDAR survey at OxTS. “So we fully understand the importance of being able to accurately align different coordinate frames from a measurement point of view. In the LiDAR survey industry, however, it quickly became apparent to us that while the importance of borescope alignment is well known, there weren’t any cheap or easy methods customers could use to achieve perfect alignment between the different frames. So that’s why we created this tool.”

    “Gathering data for the boresight alignment tool only takes a short period of time, and only needs to be completed once as long as the inertial navigation system and LiDAR scanner remain rigidly connected. It doesn’t involve any pre-surveying either. Instead, two retro-reflective targets are placed arbitrarily on the ground and the survey vehicle is simply driven or flown in a pattern around them. The data gathered during this process can then be used by the automatic boresight tool to find the precise alignment between the LiDAR and inertial navigation frames.”

    Once the tool has been run, errors that may have been present due to misalignment when scanning the same surface from different directions are significantly reduced. This in turn improves the quality of the point cloud and reduces the amount of post-processing work that is required to align scans.

    The GeoCloud software and the automatic boresight alignment tool are compatible with all xNAV products as well as the larger Survey+ inertial navigation system — which is capable of 1 cm position accuracy and can measure roll/pitch to 0.03°. You can see both the xNAV and Survey+ and learn more about OxTS’s software solutions by going to booth 1320, where they’ll be happy to talk to you or arrange a demonstration system. Alternatively, full information can be found on their website (

    About Oxford Technical Solutions: We’re passionate about Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and helping customers with our technology. With nearly two decades of experience combining the best high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers with world-class INS expertise, OxTS’ products have become the industry standard for ADAS sensors validation and vehicle dynamics testing in the automotive sector and are widely used across other industries.


  • xNAV
    Fully integrated dual antenna GNSS+inertial system that doesn’t compromise on performance. Ideal for weight and space constrained applications. Light enough to fit on many small and medium sized UAV platforms while still providing survey-grade accuracy....

  • Our xNAV systems are complete GPS-aided inertial navigation solutions designed for the size- and-weight-constrained requirements of unmanned vehicle systems. Combining state-of-the-art miniature MEMS sensors with high-performance algorithms, the xNAV systems boast one of the best price/performance ratios on the market today, delivering accurate roll/pitch, position and heading data in the most challenging of operating environments.

    Weighing just 365 g even with its rugged IP65 casing, the xNAV is light enough to fit on many small and medium sized UAV platforms while still providing survey-grade accuracy. Tight-coupling of the GNSS and INS, differential GPS, dual antennas and an onboard processor all combine to deliver high accuracy and superior performance. The xNAV achieves constant GPS heading performance of 0.15º, and drift when GPS is not available is minimized to 2.5 metres per 1 minute or 1 kilometer.

    The  xNAV can store 4GB of data for later post-processing, and features the added option of real-time processing. Post-processing and graphing is easily handled by our powerful NAVsuite software package, included free-of-charge.


    • Tightly-coupled GNSS/IMU for reliable accurate measurement.
    • Small and lightweight system in an IP65 package.
    • Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions.
    • Internally logs over 48 hours of full navigation data.
    • Free comprehensive software suite with configuration, post-processing, and analysis included.
    • Supported integrations with Riegl, Z+F, Specim, Point Grey, Phase One, and other sensors.
    • No export restrictions.
    • Event inputs and distance-based output triggers.
  • Survey+
    Fully integrated GNSS+inertial technology with flexible upgrade options for robust georeferencing from the air or on land. High performance ITAR free GNSS/INS...

  • Our Survey+ systems seamlessly combines inertial measurements with GNSS data to provide a highly accurate real-time 3D navigation solution in all environments.  GNSS receivers, an IMU, a powerful processor and onboard storage are all combined into one compact unit.

    Seamlessly integrate with external sensors such as LiDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras to provide accurate roll, pitch, and position data for direct georeferencing. The included software suite gives you the tools you need at each step of the process, from configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing, and analysis


    • Tactical-grade ITAR free IMU protects against GNSS signal dropout.
    • Heading accuracy not affected by magnetic disturbances.
    • Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions.
    • Upgradable features designed to grow as and when needed.
    • Supported integrations with Riegl, Z+F, Specim, Point Grey, Phase One, and other sensors.
    • Event inputs and distance-based output triggers.
    • Free comprehensive software suite including post-processing, cables and antennas included
  • Inertial+
    Drop-in INS for external GNSS receivers the Inertial+ navigation system with support for external aiding from GNSS and Locata receivers. Make use of your existing equipment for land, sea, or air applications.<br />...

  • If you’ve already invested in high quality GNSS receivers but now need to take it to the next level with inertial integration, the Inertial+ is the ideal cost-effective solution. Get all the benefits of a full inertial navigation system without having to discard your existing equipment and pay again.

    Supporting a number of GNSS vendors including Trimble, Topcon, Novatel, and Navcom for seamless integration. Plus generic NMEA support for receivers not directly integrated means whatever receiver you use, the Inertial+ can give you a blended INS solution.

    In addition to the range of GPS/GNSS receivers that the Inertial+ supports, it’s also the first and only INS to support external aiding from the local positioning system Locata.


    • Uses your existing GNSS receiver (reduced cost).
    • 6-axis inertial measurement unit.
    • Real-time, low latency measurement output.
    • 100 or 250 Hz update rate.
    • Software suite with post-processing included.
    • Support for multiple vendors inc. Trimble, Topcon, Novatel, and Locata.
    • Integrate with imaging sensors from Riegl, Z+F, Specim, Point Grey, Phase One, and more.
  • xOEM board sets
    Lightweight and highly accurate INS for system integrators. Small enough to fit the palm of your hand, the xOEM is ideal for integrating directly into systems that require a high-performance inertial navigation system....

  • The compact size and light weight, from lower than means you no longer have to sacrifice performance in weight restricted installations like UAV payloads.

    Built for system integrators, the xOEM series of inertial navigation systems offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators an extremely lightweight, compact solution for any application requiring a complete 3-D navigation solution.


    • Development tools and resources supplied for easy integration
    • Simple synchronisation with other sensors
    • One of the world’s smallest tactical grade INS
    • Dual GNSS receivers
    • 2 centimetre-level position
    • No export restrictions
    • Complete software suite included at no extra cost
    • Up to 250 Hz update rate

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