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Connect the dots on cross-industry opportunities:


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NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation  

Warminster,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1007

NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) is a SDVOSB (NAICS Code 336411, Aircraft Manufacturing) Engineering Company specializing in UAS Technologies from design and development through test and evaluation to end-product manufacturing. NASC has provided innovative solutions to the Department of Defense, federal research institutions, and the commercial sector. NASC is the OEM for the Group 3 TigerShark-XP™ and Group 4 Teros™ UAS and provides extensive UAS Engineering, Training, and Flight Services for multiple platforms. The NASC UAS Mobile Operations Center contains a GCS, provisions for UAV transport, mobile workshop, and GSE. NASC also offers Custom Portable GCS solutions for a variety of unmanned platforms.

 Press Releases

  • Warminster, PA, March 30, 2019 - Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) received a Special Airworthiness Certification in the Experimental Category from the FAA for two of its NASC TigerShark-XP™ aircraft, the N1740X and N1750X. The TigerShark-XP is a variant of the US Navy RQ-23A Group III Unmanned Aircraft System.  The RQ-23A saw service in both Iraq and Afghanistan with over 100,000 flight hours.  The TigerShark-XP has been assigned to research and development projects such as aircraft anti-ice and de-ice projects, detect-and-avoid development, National Airspace integration, weather detection and avoidance, and numerous payload operations for NASA and Academic R&D programs. As experimental aircraft, they are also utilized as autopilot development platforms evaluating denied GPS environments and other command and control innovations.

    Both the TigerShark-XP and its larger NASC stable mate, the NASC Teros™, offer a “Plug and Play” capability and can be equipped with a variety of payloads including onboard weather radar, detect-and-avoid radar, 4G LTE data links, Iridium satellite, and an expanded Silvus MIMO radio network.

    “Having the TigerShark-XP approved as FAA Special Aircraft Category-Experimental Certification (SAC-EC) allows for expanded research and flight crew training in the National Airspace System (NAS), “ said Richard Leverich, Senior Program Engineer, NASC. “This opens innumerable opportunities for further development leading to FAA type certification and even further integration into the NAS.”

    Additionally, NASC recently announced the opening of a TigerShark-XP training center at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY. This training center focuses on TigerShark-XP flight and maintenance operations as well as Cloud Cap Piccolo Command Center (PCC) training.

    Since 1977, NASC has provided innovative solutions to the Department of Defense, federal research institutions, and the commercial sector in their quest for technologically advanced answers to global challenges. Our specialized products, support, and services are currently being used in multiple operational theaters around the world. NASC areas of expertise include Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Manufacturing and Flight Services, UAS Ground Control Systems, Advanced Maritime Patrol ASW Training, Advanced Acoustics and Sensor Development, Persistent Surveillance Systems, and Combat Systems Joint Fires Training and Doctrine, and Information Technology.


    For more information, Please contact NASC Business Development via email at or by phone at 215 675 4949 ext. 221.


  • The NASC TigerShark-XP™
    The TigerShark Block III XP from Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) is the latest variant of the RQ-23A TigerShark UAS, a battlefield-proven Group 3 vehicle with over 100,000 flight hours....

  • TigerShark UAVs have performed without fail through thousands of sorties in remote deployed locations.  Its rugged design and low cost make it ideal for applications from complex military ISR operations to UAV flight training. The TigerShark-XP is highly capable of completing assignments in Disaster Response & Damage Assessment,  Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Fire Mapping, Large Area Agriculture & Livestock Monitoring, Natural Resource Management, Utility Line Security and Monitoring, Wildlife Conservation, Emergency Delivery, Geological & Terrain Mapping, Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration, Chemical Detection and Atmospheric Probing, Environmental and Pollution Monitoring, Meteorological Research, Climate Research, Aerial Spraying, and as a Communication Relay Platform.

    TigerShark-XP incorporates a “Payload Plug and Play” system that minimizes cost and allows for the seamless integration of new and different payloads into the platform. A forward-thinking airframe design enables the TigerShark-XP to carry and employ multiple payloads simultaneously. The TigerShark-XP is configurable for an unlimited variety of payloads. Design options include autonomous waypoint navigation, UHF command and control link for autonomous and manual flight, and VHF radio communication relay for operations in the national airspace.

    • Battlefield-Proven with over 100,000 Flight Hours
    • Extreme Application Adaptability
    • Payload Plug and Play System
    • Multi-Mission Capable
    • Multi-Payload Capable
    • Length 14’ 3” (4.4m)
    • Height 4’ 1” (1.2m)
    • Wingspan 21’ 9” (6.9m)
    • Empty Weight 315 lbs. (143 kg)
    • Payload Weight 95 lbs. (43 kg)
  • The NASC Teros™
    Sleek, aerobatic, and highly adaptable, the Teros from NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation is the perfect airframe for a multitude of UAV applications....

  • Designed to meet the expanding requirement for an extended range, high altitude aircraft, the Teros can operate in a wide range of environments and excel at the most challenging missions. The rugged and resilient Teros was derived from a proven airframe that has logged thousands of mishap-free flight hours. Its robust and unique construction makes it highly durable without adding unnecessary weight or sacrificing payload capacity. Putting it simply, the Teros is an American-Made solution that does the job at a fraction of the cost of similarly capable unmanned aerial vehicles.

    • Highly Reconfigurable
    • High or Low altitude Flight Operations
    • High Availability and Reliability
    • ATOL Performance Capability
    • STOL Performance Capability
    • Unimproved Field Operations Capable
    • Rapid Servicing and Maintenance
    • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs
    • Length – 19’ 9” (6.02m)
    • Wingspan – 45’ 8” (13.9m)
    • Weight (Empty) – 825 lbs. (374.2kg)
    • GTOW – 1,500 lbs. (680.4kg)
  • The NASC ArcticShark™
    The ArcticShark™ from Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) is a weather-hardened, fixed-wing, Group 3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle....

  • The ArcticShark is a highly adaptable, aerial research platform provides an observational base for multiple scientific research disciplines. A purpose-designed variant of the highly successful and proven NASC TigerShark-XP™, the ArcticShark was constructed to operate in cold weather environments. Designed specifically for extreme climate survivability, the ArcticShark was modified to withstand the rigors of polar region operations. Additionally, the ArcticShark features an upgraded satellite command and control system for beyond visual line of sight operations. ArcticShark can be configured with varied wing and fuselage mounted instrumentation designed to sample various data in extreme latitudes. It incorporates a “Payload Plug and Play” system that minimizes cost and allows for the seamless integration of new and different research payloads into the ArcticShark platform. The open architecture airframe enables the ArcticShark to carry and employ multiple payloads simultaneously and is configurable for an unlimited variety of payloads.

    • Heated pitot-static system
    • All avionics components hardened and tested to -20 °C
    • All servos modified with low-temperature lubricant
    • All access hatches, ports, and panels have enhanced weather seals to preclude moisture intrusion/ice accumulation. 
    • 4 kW alternator to easily support integration of additional aircraft anti-ice/de-ice systems
    • Length 14’ 9” (4.4m)
    • Height 4’ 1” (1.2m)
    • Wingspan 22’ (6.6m)
    • Empty Weight 450 lbs. (205 kg)
    • Payload Weight 100 lbs. (45.4 kg)
  • The NASC Mobile Operations Center (MOC)
    The Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation unmanned systems Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a self-contained, field deployable UAV Command Center complete with Ground Control Station (GCS)....

  • The MOC inlcudes provisions for UAV transport, a mobile workshop, and ground support equipment. This highly customized trailer provides the self-sufficiency required to operate a UAV/UAS from practically any location. Designed with Pre-planned Product Improvement (P3I) practices to facilitate the ease of quality upgrades, this system can support the rapid integration of unique systems, sensors, and equipment. Mission applications include operational, R&D, flight training, ISR, and more.. Features of the MOC include GCS and antenna suite, 25' Telescopic steel mast, Heads-up Display, Electronic Flight Instrumentation System, UAV transport, Ground Support Equipment, Mobile Maintenance Workshop, Internal Communications System, Airfield Communications, Weather Station, Self-Contained Power, and WiFi.

    • Transportable nearly anywhere                                
    • Ground control station and antenna suite            
    • 25' Telescopic steel mast
    • Heads-Up Display                                                            
    • Electronic Flight Instrumentation System
    • UAV transport                                                                  
    • Ground Support Equipment
    • Mobile Maintenance Workshop                                
    • Internal Communications System
    • Airfield Communications                                             
    • Weather Station
    • Self-Contained Power                                                   
    • WiFi

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