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Virtual Platform Launch

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September 28, 2020

Virtual Platform Coffee Talk

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  • Passcode: 447699
  • Phone: +1 301 715 8592

October 1, 2020

1:00pm EST

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October 7-8, 2020

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Performance Drone Works  

Huntsville,  AL 
United States
  • Booth: Virtual Booth

At Performance Drone Works, our team is dedicated to building the next generation autonomous and counter SUAS technology to optimize customer success. Made in the U.S., we have developed durable, rugged, and portable unmanned aircraft systems along with patented secure radio technology that can operate freely in GPS-denied and hostile RF environments enabling your safety and survival. Performance Drone Works is fast, agile and flexible, with a modern, data-driven approach to innovation.


  • SPARO 20
    PDW’s SPARO 20 is a highly capable, ruggedized, small unmanned aircraft system(sUAS). Operable in low light and GPS denied environments, SPARO 20 features collision avoidance capabilities. PDW products are completely designed and built in the USA....

  • PDW’s SPARO 20 is a highly capable, ruggedized, small unmanned aircraft system(sUAS). Designed specifically for military operations, SPARO 20 boasts an extremely small form factor and fits within a medium MOLLE pouch. SPARO 20 is operable in low light, GPS denied environments. PDW products are completely designed and built in the USA.

    SPARO 20 employs a modular powertrain configuration that enables swappable arms, has collision avoidance capabilities, and is incredibly operator friendly. Leveraging PDW’s indoor zero-light position hold technology, SPARO 20 holds position and altitude, even when there is no operator actively controlling the air vehicle

    Light weight (2lbs.), low carriage footprint, folded dimensions – 8.4”L x 3.4’W x 3.1”H. MOLLE Pouch carriable

    Ruggedized-military grade, low-cost, rapidly deployable (less than 30 seconds to employ)

    Picatinny Rail supports universal attachment mounts

    Weather and corrosion resistant sUAS that meets IP56 standards

    Modular Powertrain Configuration, Mav-Link, Open Protocol for maximum customer innovation flexibility

    PDW Ground Control Station is small form factor designed to fit into a cargo pocket. Also fully integrated with ATAK for operation.

    Collision avoidance technology

    Minimal operator training required, enabling rapid field deployment

    Quick swap battery technology with battery management system

    Minimum 20-minute flight time; long endurance configuration 60-minute flight time

    Low-Light Flight Camera and integrated infrared headlights allow for flight and video capture day or night, regardless of light levels

    PDW Position Hold Technology:

    Enabling stability and position

    hold indoors and outdoors, including sensorydenied and 0-light, GPS denied environments.

  • PDW Course of Instruction
    PDW courses of instruction (COI) provide unmanned aerial system (UAS) operators with advanced training in manual first person view (FPV) piloting and/or assembly....

  • PDW’s flagship offering, Military Operators Manual Drone Proficiency, Level 1, is a combination of our Piloting Level 1 and Assembly Level 1 courses of instruction.

    The Military Operators Manual Drone Proficiency, Level 1 is a 5-day course designed to give elite military operators with no prior manual UAV experience functional competency in the safe operation and effective piloting of high-performance manual UAVs. The curriculum

    informs participants on all things required for the safe and effective usage of FPV quadcopter drones for in-field use, including their assembly, maintenance and modification.

    The Military Operators Manual Drone Proficiency, Level 1 course is a hands-on curriculum that includes classroom instruction, drone building workshops, simulator flight time, and practical drone flying experience.


    •  Military Operators UAS Flight Training: Piloting Level 1

    •  Military Operators UAS Flight Training: Piloting Level 2


    •  Military Operators UAS Flight Training: Assembly Level 1

    •  Military Operators UAS Flight Training: Assembly Level 2


    •  Military Operators Manual Drone Proficiency: Level 1

    ( A combination of Piloting Level 1 and Assembly Level 1 )

  • PDW Radio
    PDW Radio is a proprietary high-penetration, anti-jam radio that allows unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to operate freely in in GPS-denied and hostile radio frequency (RF) environments....

  • PDW Radio utilizes multi-band frequency hopping radios to scramble video and command signals on a line-by-line basis. Generating its own random hopping sequence to determine the most effective, and secure, transmission path PDW Radio ensures a persistent, secure command and control (C2) link between the UAS and its ground control station (GCS).

    Capable of navigation without GPS, as well as non-GPS operation indoors and in heavily forested areas, PDW Radio operates using a C2 signal that gracefully degrades (i.e. pixelates) as radio signal strength is attenuated to reduce bandwidth requirements and enable continued flight.

    Secure radio technology with no reliance upon GPS, extreme range and penetration in combat environments. Enables UAS flight in GPS-denied and RF jamming environments

    Fictionally redundant ground and C2 radios with telemetry encryption and frequency hopping capabilities. C2 databanks are

    AES 256-bit commercial encryption capable.

    High bandwidth, low latency (<7ms) transmission of all flight command and video signals.

    Video data from FMV payloads is transmitted in real-time with their embedded Unmanned Systems Interoperability Profile (USIP) 1 compatible Key Length Value (KLV)

    metadata intact.

    Power is transmitted up to 2W per channel.

    Control RF output power of these radios is >500mW.

    Multiple control radio modulation types (e.g. LoRa and GFSK)


    • 190-210 MHz VHF
    • 420-460 MHz UHF
    • 840-950 MHz high UHF


    • 256 AES encryption


    • 4 miles, Rural (desert)
    • 0.5 mile, Urban (dense city)

    Antenna Types

    • Directional Cloverleaf
    • Omnidirectional Whip

    Power Transmitted

    • Up to 2W per channel
    • Up to 7W per channel for 1525.00 - 1800.00 MHz channel

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