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September 28, 2020

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October 1, 2020

1:00pm EST

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October 7-8, 2020

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Lausanne,  VD 
  • Booth: Virtual Booth

Meet ASIO, Flybotix' drone solution for indoor inspection!

The utilization of drones to inspect hard-to-reach and dangerous areas is growing, but many applications are still inaccessible to current solutions due to their very limited battery life. Flybotix’ innovative propulsion system allows us to provide a collision tolerant inspection drone with a flight time of up to 24 minutes, opening new opportunities and dramatically improving your inspection missions’ efficiency. ASIO allows you to quickly and safely inspect hard-to-reach environments, typically in the oil and gas, energy or infrastructure industries. Contact us today to discover how our solution will help you achieve more!

 Press Releases

  • maxon has collaborated with drone startup Flybotix to develop performance-optimized brushless DC motors for a new kind of inspection drone. With the know-how gained from this and other projects, maxon is making inroads into the new UAV market, where the reliability and quality of components are becoming more important.

    Two rotors instead of four was the approach used by startup. Flybotix to develop the ASIO inspection drone, which is set to conquer the market. This indoor drone for industrial facilities is built around a patented drive system powered by brushless DC motors from maxon. maxon worked closely with Flybotix to develop electric motors that are optimized for weight and performance and specifically adapted to this application. These drives will allow the ASIO to carry out long missions, reach distant locations, and save costs. “This world-class level of performance could not have been reached without the excellent work of maxon,” said Samir Bouabdallah, CEO of Flybotix. “We are very excited about this partnership and will intensify it in order to advance the industrialization of our drone.”

    Flybotix is a Swiss company in the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, which is also home to one of maxon's labs. CEO and founder Samir Bouabdallah has 15 years of experience in developing drone technology at the EPFL and at ETH Zurich. The drive system he developed with his team is an algorithm-controlled propulsion and steering mechanism with two degrees of freedom. “That gives the drones the aerodynamic performance of a helicopter and the mechanical reliability of a quadcopter.” ASIO is surrounded by a protective cage, is collision-proof, and allows access to tight spaces to carry out inspections safely. An on-board camera, combined with a high-quality display on the remote control, allows pilots to fly safely in hazardous areas such as oil storage tanks, underground mines, or power plants.

    For drones, it's not just the motor that matters

    The market for unmanned autonomous aerial vehicles (UAV) is new, but very dynamic—many startups like Flybotix are involved, and there are potential applications in areas like inspection, agriculture, security, and transport. Following the industry’s initial ventures and a few setbacks, the safety requirements placed on unmanned aerial vehicles and their components has increased.

    maxon has the high-quality drives and the knowledge to develop specialized drone motors that meet these requirements. In 2019, a number of initial drives were constructed for special projects, with matching ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers). In the drone market, the motor is not the only thing that matters. What is far more important is the perfect interplay of BLDC motors, motor controllers, and matching propellers. That is the only way to get the most out of the system in terms of thrust and energy efficiency. maxon's engineers were eager to learn as much as they could from experts like Samir Bouabdallah and to foster information exchange, right from the start. With the experience gained, maxon is ready to support customers in the fast-growing UAV market with customized motors and systems.   

    Incidentally, the most talked-about drone in the world, “Ingenuity,” which will take off from the surface of Mars in 2021, is equipped with six maxon DC motors.

  • Solvay's ultra-lightweight and robust thermoplastic carbon fiber composites contribute to doubling ASIO drone flight time.

    Solvay is proud to contribute to ASIO, Flybotix’s new indoor inspection drone for industrial assets. ASIO offers the opportunity to perform safe and cost-effective inspections by addressing the main challenges faced by indoor drones: flight time and robustness. It is built from an ultra-lightweight thermoplastic composite structure manufactured from Solvay’s materials, which, when combined with a patented propulsion system, using only two rotors (instead of four), doubles flight time when compared to traditional solutions. The strong composite structure also makes the drone collision tolerant, which is critical when accessing confined areas such as oil storage tanks, underground mines or power generating facilities.

    “Solvay is proud to partner with an innovative company like Flybotix," said Fabrizio Ponte, Executive VP and Head of Solvay’s Thermoplastic Composites Platform. "Drones will play a considerable role in the future, and composite materials are a key enabler by providing lightweighting, increased performance and damage resistance. We look forward to seeing how ASIO revolutionizes indoor inspections.” 

    “Flybotix ASIO offers the right combination of performance and efficiency to its users, making it a truly unique solution,"said Flybotix CEO Samir Bouabdallah. "This was made possible thanks to Solvay’s high-performance thermoplastic composites. We are excited about working with Solvay and look forward to further developing this successful partnership.” 

  • EPFL start-up Flybotix is showcasing its dual-propeller drone today at Xponential the world’s largest tradeshow for unmanned and autonomous systems. Intended for inspecting hazardous locations, this flat-engined aircraft is quiet, saves flight time, and is also capable of flipping like a turtle if it finds itself upside down on the ground.This drone propellers were developed through a joint effort between Flybotix and a major company in EPFL’s Innovation Park. The new drone is expected on the market in 2021.

    A dual-propeller propulsion system gives Flybotix’s drone unmatched flight time and very low noise levels. An initial prototype was unveiled in the summer of 2019. The finished product is fitted with a custom-designed ultra-flat motor developed in partnership with Maxon, a major company located in EPFL’s Innovation Park. The new drone is being presented today, online, at Xponential, the world's largest trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. Flybotix is planning a market launch in early 2021.

    Twenty minutes’ flying time and flat motors

    Currently, drones that are small enough to maneuver in tight spaces like ducts can stay airborne only for about ten minutes. To save energy and extend flight time, Flybotix’s drone has been fitted with a propulsion system that is similar to the one used on helicopters, which have unparalleled aerodynamic performance. Because the bulky mechanical stabilization system is replaced with algorithms, the flight time is twice as long.

    Engineers had to redesign the motor’s shape in order to superimpose the twin propellers and free up space for payloads. EPFL's Innovation Park is home to more than 200 start-ups as well as many branches of large companies, putting them in close proximity to EPFL’s fast-paced and flourishing innovation community. A partnership with one of the large companies, Maxon, whose parent company is based in Obwalden, produced the customized motor. “The stationary portion of the gear system has been inverted. This enabled us to flatten it, leaving more space between the propellers,” says Olivier Chappuis, head of miLab, Maxon’s innovation lab at EPFL. Combining Maxon's expertise in motors with Flybotix’s creative energy led to the rapid development of the advanced propulsion system. “We get a great deal out of working with start-ups. They need new systems developed in record time, which spurs us to innovate more quickly. And our findings can be used in other applications too,” says Chappuis.

    Like a turtle flipped on its back

    The new drone includes a number of other innovations, such as a patented cage system that allows it to navigate through obstacles and right itself when upside down. This system – inspired by turtles – triggers a pendulum movement; the inverted drone rocks back and forth for a few seconds until the swinging movement returns it to an upright position.

    Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a productive year for Flybotix. The firm raised CHF 1.5 million in investments, enabling it to expand its headcount from four to ten people. Its drone is now ready for commercial production and will be assembled in Switzerland. One of the first applications will be monitoring hazardous sites or inaccessible locations. Other start-ups in the region are also developing drones with similar applications and characteristics. “We are aware of them, they represent a model of success for Swiss startups," says Samir Bouabdallah, CEO of Flybotix. We hope that an emulation is created around drones in the region which can only be beneficial for all, as it is for watch brands for example ".


  • ASIO
    Meet ASIO, our revolutionary indoor inspection drone with an industry-changing flight time of 24 minutes! With its protective cage and its 4K camera, ASIO will make your inspection missions more efficient than ever. Contact us to learn more...

  • ASIO is Flybotix' revolutionary indoor inspection drone. Its novel propulsion system, using only two rotors combined with a patented maglev-like tilting system, allows ASIO to fly for up to 24 minutes, a record-breaking performance in this segment.

    With its protective cage made of aerospace-grade material, its advanced control algorithms and its low noise (70dB @ 5m), we’ve developed it with your workers’ and assets’ security in mind. ASIO is able to access hard-to-reach spaces while your teams stay safe.

    ASIO has to replace your inspectors’ eyes on site. That’s why its payload is made of an obstruction-free 4K camera (recorded and streamed live to your remote), can take 12MP pictures and even has an IR sensor, to spot defects in the most difficult situations.

    ASIO’s versatility makes it the optimal solution to perform inspection missions across several industries. Contact us today to find out how it can make you reduce your costs from day one!

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