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Convergence Zone: Intersection w/ Businesses


The early benefits of new technologies are amplified thru their integration with enterprise businesses. It’s no secret that autonomy is already helping numerous businesses improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs and creating new job opportunities. Covering asset management, project monitoring, mapping, task automation, goods movement and more, these sessions will take a closer look at specific use cases that will empower you to scale your operations and track the ROI of your deployment.

  • Improving business activities through efficiency
  • Cost saving/improved ROI
  • Safety
  • Scaling operations (use cases, examples, how to do this)
  • Enterprise


Critical Point: Intersection with Government

Governments at all levels are essential to enabling the safe and beneficial expansion of uncrewed systems and autonomy. From funding for defense and security applications to mitigating risk for the public through standards and regulations, the partnership between industry and government stakeholders has never been more critical. These sessions will dive into the policies and processes that are influencing innovation and adoption, and how you can engage in the efforts to achieve meaningful near-term progress and long-term success.

  • Defense
  • Security
  • State/local governments
  • Advocacy efforts – regulatory, policy, standards


DRONERESPONDERS Forum presented by Skydio

The DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Forum presented by Skydio at XPONENTIAL will be a comprehensive, 3-day conference pass for public safety and emergency services professionals seeking a complete educational experience surrounding public safety drone operations.


FULL JOIN: Intersection with Data

Data is the driving force for realizing the full potential and true benefits of autonomy. But along with the great power it provides comes the great responsibility for the ethical and secure collection and stewardship of that data. Designed for data scientists of all levels, these sessions will begin by focusing on the critical facets of data management, including curation, provenance, analysis, and privacy. From there, you will build on that foundation by exploring how data informs the design, operation, and future business models for autonomy.

  • Data curation and provenance
  • Collection / privacy / management / stewardship / science / analysis


Interchange: Intersection with Industries

Autonomy is changing the game for entire industries. As these technologies are integrated, they are changing the way companies make money, create new jobs, and evolve their operations to simultaneously achieve higher productivity and lower environmental impact. From shipping and logistics to energy exploration and delivery, learn how diverse market segments are building their future with uncrewed systems and autonomy.

  • Commercial maritime
  • Freight and shipping
  • Energy/utilities/construction/emerging growth industries


Nexus of Future Mobility: Intersection with Individuals

Improving the movement of people through autonomy promises a transportation system that is cleaner, cheaper, safer, and more accessible. Realizing that promise will require the community to connect and share relevant and timely research as the market continues to evolve and mature. These sessions will bring you the latest research on human factors, human centered design, infrastructure development and funding, platform design, sustainability and community engagement that accelerate acceptance and adoption and propel future mobility forward.


Proving Grounds: Enterprise + Government Solutions

As technologies, industry, and regulations continue to evolve, uncrewed systems are already solving real-world problems. Connect directly with solutions providers that can meet your current challenges with their commercially available technologies and services. This track is both educational and promotional, with the emphasis placed on learning from case studies. Expect to see how specific issues were overcome with an innovative uncrewed system, how that user integrated with their operations, and the insights and benefits that resulted.


Technology Crossing: Intersection with Design


Research and innovation are at the core of our industry. By asking the right questions, researching the problems, and surrounding yourself with other innovators and creators from across our diverse community, you will enhance the capabilities and design of your products and future offerings. Whether you are designing vehicles, hardware, software, components, protocols, or other enabling systems, these breakouts will spark new questions and ideas that you can be implement immediately.

  • Hardware/software/sensors/
  • AI/machine learning
  • Propulsion/energy systems
  • Blockchain
  • Communication/5G
  • Multi-agent systems/IoT


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