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August 16 - 19, 2021 | Atlanta
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Join a community of end users, technologists and policymakers working together to write the next chapter of autonomous innovation and assure its safe and seamless integration into everyday life. XPONENTIAL 2021 is a reimagined hybrid experience offering fresh insight across the full spectrum of unmanned innovation, from AI, to sensors, to cybersecurity. It’s more than an in-person gathering or a virtual event. It’s the best of both worlds.

Defense Energy Agriculture Retail + Logistics Public Safety Transportation Communications Mapping + Surveying Oil + Gas Construction Automated Vehicles Mining

Find new solutions
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From energy to transportation, construction to defense, and so many more opportunities for cross-market networking, AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the place to join the unmanned systems community including users, technologists and policymakers to collaborate on ideas, share lessons learned and build new partnerships.

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The greatest breakthroughs don’t appear out of thin air.

That's why AUVSI XPONENTIAL offers opportunities to build and problem-solve with experts across markets and domains, so you can discover inspiration in the unexpected.

With the expansion of autonomy and artificial intelligence across domains, there is an increasing need for systems that are reliable, predictable, and secure. In support of this mission and pursuit of assured autonomy, the XPONENTIAL 2021 program tracks address research and developments pertaining to the technology, policy and regulatory environment, and the system into which these technologies will integrate.

The Big Picture: Ecosystem Integration

Advanced technologies should have a constructive and ethical influence on society, and the integration of these systems into a complex environment requires the deliberate pursuit of public acceptance and trust. Take a deep dive into critical considerations such as human-machine teaming, safety, noise, certification, ethics, human factors, modeling & simulation.


It Techs a Village: Platforms, Hardware, and Software

The components that enable unmanned and automated systems to function appropriately must be designed to perform in such a way that they are deemed safe and dependable. This requires that each component and system be tested, evaluated, and safeguarded against attack. Explore how sensors, software, vehicles, propulsion systems and more improve current and future operations.


The Unmanned Behind the Curtain: Technology & Autonomous Infrastructure

Advancements in technology and infrastructure are required in the progression to assured autonomy. Therefore, there will be an ever-increasing emphasis on the physical and intelligent infrastructure supporting autonomous systems. Sessions in this track will feature panel discussions, presentations, and roundtables on the topics of edge computing, modeling & simulation, R&D, communication technology, AI/ML, blockchain, Big Data, cybersecurity, and other key concepts that will lead to the safe integration of autonomous vehicles into a complex environment.


Laws & Orders: Policy & Governance

To ensure the safe operation of unmanned and automated systems, industry must engage with leaders influencing the regulations, policies, and standards. This track will feature expert panels discussing certification, data privacy, public acceptance and trust, cybersecurity, AI, regulatory updates, global harmonization, and more. These conversations will accelerate deployment and adoption of unmanned and automated technology across domains.

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On Your Market, Get Set, Go: Go to Market Strategies

What does it take to develop an action plan that will become a blueprint for success in the unmanned systems industry? Sessions in this track will help individuals and organizations plot a clear direction forward, reducing time to market and increasing their chances of a successful product launch. Join us to discover steps towards implementation, increasing customer value, and the business behind new technologies.


DRONERESPONDERS: Global Public Safety UAS Summit

The DRONERESPONDERS Global Public Safety UAS Summit will unite first responders and emergency services professionals who are using drones for good in their communities.

First, hear from trailblazers who will present the latest research findings and data surrounding public safety uses of drones. Then, participate in a set of immersive learning workshops where you will interact with UAS program leaders and operators representing the gamut of public safety disciplines. Finally, connect directly with the speakers and the DRONERESPONDERS team to grow your network and share your experiences.


Proving Grounds: Enterprise + Government Solutions

As technologies, industry, and regulations continue to evolve, unmanned systems are already solving real-world problems. Connect directly with solutions providers that can meet your current challenges with their commercially available technologies and services. This track is both educational and promotional, with the emphasis placed on learning from case studies. Expect to see how specific issues were overcome with an innovative unmanned system, how that user integrated with their operations, and the insights and benefits that resulted.