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SightLine Applications  

Hood River,  OR 
United States
  • Booth: 2551

SightLine Applications, onboard video processors & software

Founded in 2007, SightLine Applications is the industry leader in onboard video processing for advanced UAS camera systems. Integrated at the camera level to provide low-latency video processing. Compatible with a wide range of cameras, compact hardware options enable elegant system architectures. Video processing features support a range of surveillance (ISR), inspection, full motion video (FMV) encoding, and counter UAS applications. Software features include detection, tracking, AI Classification, enhancement, recording, encoding, and more. Our team of embedded systems developers is committed to improving our video functions and capabilities. SightLine understands experience matters with over 1.5 million flight hours in unmanned systems.

 Press Releases

  • Hood River, OR: SightLine Applications is working on adding a new member to our family of video processors hardware options. Introducing the 17xx-OEM family concepts. The 17xx-OEM will be designed to provide a size optimized 1080p/30 single channel process applicable for integrators of the smallest gimbal solutions.

    We are now asking for input to define development priorities for concept solutions:  1720-OEM and 1750-OEM.  Both are based on the tiny NXP i.MX 8M Plus SOM. Some highlights of the concepts include:

    • 1720-OEM with two (2) MIPI connectors support cameras and the optional 4000-MIPI-IN extender/mezzanine. Pros are more GPIO and slightly smaller. Con is the camera adapters require MIPI-IN accessories (only MIPI and USB on OEM)

    • 1750-OEM with one (1) camera input supports existing 3000/4000 camera adapters and a second input connector supports MIPI cameras and the optional 4000-MIPI-IN extender/mezzanine.  The key benefit is that it optimizes off-the-shelf camera compatibility and cons are slightly larger and fewer GPIO.

    Stop by our booth, number 2551, to find out how you can provide feedback and have a look at schematics. For the 1700-SOM, we encourage customers to build custom system interface boards that optimize their integration and use of SightLine circuits and functionality. 

    The 17xx-OEM will support the all the video processing software as our current OEM options and will deliver essential functionality for a wide range of ISR applications. SightLine Applications is the leader in onboard video processing providing tailorable, powerful solutions.

  • Hood River, OR:  SightLine Applications continues to improve and add to its AI Classifier software. We are excited to announce the addition of a vehicle / person trained model in addition to improvements to our drone classifier trained model. A vehicle / person trained model is valuable for both aerial and ground-based platforms.  Now, SightLine offers two (2) trained models and other SightLine provided classifiers are in work.

    SightLine provides customers tools to train their own model for up to 100 labeled categories. Data used to train custom classifiers remain proprietary to the customer, an important market differentiation. There are eight (8) detection modes available, tailorable to best meet customer use cases. Initial classification is at about 10-16 pixels square and robust classification at about 20-32 pixels square.

    SightLine’s classifier works on detection or track outputs, providing the ability to filter detections by classifications labels – a key differentiator.  It is built on Caffe deep learning framework developed by Berkely AI Research (BAIR) and by communication contributors. Classification is done as part of SightLine’s suite of low latency processing, completed at frame rate.

    Several advantages include integration efficiency, low latency, real-time results, reduction in operator workload, added insight to make more informed decisions using detection and tracking telemetry and scalable.

    Stop by our booth, number 2551 to learn more and see videos of the classifier. SightLine Applications is the market leader in onboard video processing.

  • Hood River, OR:  One of the best benefits about being a member of the Gorge Tech Alliance is that fellow GTA members are never too far away, even if you leave the Columbia River Gorge. We are excited to announce that nine member companies of the Gorge Tech Alliance are exhibiting at the 2022 AUVSI XPONENTIAL tradeshow in Orlando, FL.

    The majority of the GTA member booths are located near one another, off one of the main aisles. It will be easy to identify which booths are GTA members, simply look for the blue and gold GTA floor sticker. Each booth will have a GTA floor sticker in the aisle outside their booth.  This is the first year the GTA is lending added support to members at XPONENTIAL with an identifiable marker.  Members exhibiting at the show include:

    • SightLine Applications, booth number 2551
    • Overwatch Imaging, booth number 2657
    • Power4Flight, LLC, booth number 2754
    • Sagetech Avionics, Inc., booth number 2230
    • Sierra-Olympic Technologies, booth number 1854
    • SigmaDesign, booth number 2651
    • Trillium Engineering, booth number 2557
    • Zepher, booth number 2565

    The Gorge Tech Alliance Mixer (GTA) is back! What should be the fourth annual GTA Mixer at XPONENTIAL event, but is actually the second, is happening on Tuesday, April 26th from 6PM-9PM at Cuba Libre.  Thank you to the sponsors for making this a free ticketed event for guests. The Gold sponsor is SightLine Applications, the Silver sponsor is Trillium Engineering, Bronze sponsors include Sagetech Avionics, Overwatch Imaging, SigmaDesign. Power4Flight and Silicon Forest Electronics are onboard as Basic sponsors. If you are interested in coming to the mixer, stop by any of the sponsor booths for tickets. 

    The Gorge Tech Alliance connects, supports and develops the tech community of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington. Their vision for the Columbia River Gorge is to be known as the innovative technology community where businesses thrive, entrepreneurs are nurtured, community members are engaged, meaningful employment is abundant and all children have access to innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math opportunities. Having some of the nations’ best recreational resources, employees enjoy a wonderful outdoor lifestyle with mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and much more.


  • Software Team To Publish SightLine Applications’ Next Major Software Release

    Hood River, OR:  SightLine Applications is testing our next major software release to be published shortly after XPONENTIAL.  Significant updates include:

    • Lens control: New, improved example code enables customer integration of detector+lens assemblies. Improved lens control and autofocus latency and is easier to implement. Existing script support is maintained.
    • USB interface on 4000-OEM
      • Significant increase in support for USB peripherals to improve system integration benefits:  SSD storage; GPS; AHRA, LRF etc. peripherals to the metadata path.
      • Better USB3-Vision performance and camera support.
      • The ability to use two UVC cameras connected via a USB hub (typical application to switch between wide/narrow fixed FOV LWIS cameras).
    • Enhancement: Continue to enrich enhancement functions. We now add color enhancement and other continuous improvements, which adds to the deeper DPR/NUC controls and heat shimmer/scintillation reduction in software 3.4.
    • Camera capture – MW Cameras: Small form-factor interfaces to Lynred, FLIR and SCD detectors.
    • Detection and Tracking and Classifier:
      • Significant improvements were made to low slant angle detection modes, invaluable for PTZ applications.
      • Real world testing of detection modes in maritime surveillance applications has shown excellent results.
      • AI classifier training model now includes People/Vehicle classification. Improvements to drone classifier.
    • 1080i inputs
    • Full pixel depth .tiff snapshot option
    • Multiple decoder streams on 4000-OEM enable a broader range of system architectures
    • Incremental updates to drone and aerial detection / tracking
    • Focus ROI flexibility

    SightLine welcomes feedback as we approach our next major release. Now is the time to help define what SightLine’s engineers will work on. Tentatively planned for the end of 2022, it will introduce support for the new 17xx-OEM family, as well as other features. Help us define development priorities by providing active feedback of you needs and ideas.

    Stop by our booth, number 2551 to talk with us about these exciting developments. SightLine Applications is the leader in onboard video processing.

  • Hood River, OR:  Founded in 2007, SightLine Applications is celebrating its 15th year.  Beginning as a two-person operation, SightLine is now close to 40 strong with dedicated engineering and software development teams. Our experience and expertise continues to grow, with well over 1.5 million hours of real-world experience and more than 20,000 processors / licenses delivered. SightLine offices are in Hood River and Portland, Oregon.

    “We’re customer-driven, and we’re always looking to see where the need for new processors and new video processing capabilities.” says Steve Olson, CEO and co-founder. Customer feedback has driven development and continues to. 2022 will also see the introduction of a new video processor to our family of hardware options, as well as a major software release.

    SightLine has been exhibiting at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL since 2013 and finds the show to be entertaining and valuable to connect with customers. Stop by our booth, number 2551 and say hello and learn about our products. SightLine Applications is the leader in onboard video processing.

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