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Aergility Corp.  

Dunnellon,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2515

Come see the debut of Aergility's ATLIS VTOL cargo UAV!

Aergility is a manufacturer of uniquely capable VTOL cargo UAV aircraft. Aergility’s newly introduced ATLIS cargo UAV demonstrates long-range, heavy-lift deliveries, creating a new direct point-of-supply to point-of-need paradigm in logistics. With 500 pounds of payload and 300+ miles of range, ATLIS will enable a wide range of otherwise difficult or impossible use cases with economy and reliability. These unique capabilities are made possible by our patented Managed Autorotation Technology, which delivers multirotor simplicity with the efficient performance of fixed wing aircraft. Fewer moving parts bring inherent reliability and minimal maintenance. Visit our booth (#2515) to check out our prototype ATLIS cargo UAV!


  • ATLIS Cargo UAV
    With 500-pounds of payload and a 300+ mile range, Aergility’s ATLIS aircraft is capable of long-range, heavy-lift deliveries, from point-of-supply straight to the point-of-need....

  • ATLIS Cargo UAV

    500 pounds payload
    300+ mile range

    Aergility's ATLIS aircraft has the simplicity of a multicopter with the performance of a fixed wing aircraft, yielding incredible range and payload capabilities thanks to the benefits of our Managed Autorotation Technology.

    Managed Autorotation Technology (MAT)


    MAT enables our hybrid gyrodyne architecture to achieve transitionless flight from multi-rotor takeoff and landing to autogyro-like forward flight.

    Managed Autorotation Explainer


    • Immediate Turnaround - Batteries are recharged in flight via small onboard engine generator or regenerative braking on protors.
    • Higher Reliability and Less Maintenance - Long TBO thanks to few control surfaces and the long lives of ATLIS' very few moving parts.
    • High Survivability - ATLIS can handle many adverse scenarios, including:
      • Loss of protor or loss of 1 battery pack - ATLIS can fly with 4 active protors
      • Loss of all 3-way redundant batteries - Aircraft can fly in autorotation
      • Loss of engine power - Fly like multicopter with only protors
    • Longer Range - Not dependent on batteries for range, and payload can be reduced or increased to trade-off with fuel.
    • Better Payload Carry Efficiency - Fewer parts reduce aircraft's overall weight, very little weight devoted to batteries, and an excellent payload to GTOW ratio.
    • Excellent Cruise Flight Efficiency - Load is split between wings and protors in order to reduce pitch angle and have a more efficient RPM. Protors perform flight control.
    • No Infrastructure Required - Land and takeoff anywhere, and no ground charging stations needed, only access to fuel.

    ATLIS Details


    In ATLIS current design, the tail can lift to make cargo loading easy. Cargo can be managed with various strategies depending on the scenario.

    • Field Mode – Load cargo by hand, manually adjust and tie down.
    • Depot Mode - Full-size load-and-lock-compatible depot containers, pre-loaded and CG-balanced.
    • Standardized Containers - Standardized EUR containers can be accommodated for efficient loading.

    Sensors and Navigation

    ATLIS will have configuration options to accommodate client requirements.

    Payload-Range Diagram

    Payload/Range Diagram

    Full Specs

    Aircraft Type Cargo UAV
    Flight Mode Vertical Take-Off and Landing
    Empty Weight 900 lbs
    Max Gross Weight 1500 lbs (standard)
    1320 lbs (optional)
    Useful Load
    Fuel and Payload
    Up to 600 lbs
    Cargo Bay Area 26 in x 26 in x 92 in
    Cargo Volume 36 cu. ft
    Cargo Haulage* 101 ton-miles per flight
    Cruise Speed 100 mph
    Flight Duration
    Full tank, ½ hr reserve
    4.5 hrs at full GW
    Power Plant Turboprop 90 kW
    Propeller 66-in 3-blade
    # of Fixed-Pitch Protors 6
    Protor Diameter 9 ft
    Without protors
    24.3 ft
    Fuselage Length 15.3 ft
    Clearance Height 7.1 ft
    Construction Primarily carbon fiber composite
    Fuel Tank
    25 gal
    Auxillary Tank
    8 gal

    *Calculated using standard tank with reserve while carrying payload of 450 lbs.

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