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The XPONENTIAL 2024 Keynote Stage is our community’s opportunity to get answers to the key questions facing the uncrewed systems industry and gain insights on the big-picture themes shaping the future of autonomy.

2024 Keynote Speakers

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Doug Beck

Doug Beck
Defense Innovation Unit

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Courtney Albon

Courtney Albon
Space and Emerging Technology Reporter
Defense News

Key questions facing our industry: How can organizations like DIU play a key role in fielding dual-use commercial technologies? What opportunities exist for defense agencies to form partnerships with industry? How can we support the rapid adoption of uncrewed systems to support the national defense strategy?

The big picture: Defense leaders are rethinking the tools in warfighters' toolboxes, with an intense focus on how to get these tools into the field faster. Proven, mature commercial technologies stand ready to meet critical defense capability needs in the modern era of warfare and security.

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Dr. Hal Brands

Dr. Hal Brands
Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Courtney Albon

Courtney Albon
Space and Emerging Technology Reporter
Defense News

Key questions facing our industry: How do world affairs and advances in technology intersect, and what are the implications for global stability and the future?

The big picture: Dr. Brands’s insights help leaders conceptualize strategies to safeguard national interests and global security and can help organizations navigate geopolitical challenges.

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Michael D. Brasseur

Michael Brasseur
Chief Strategy Officer
Saab, Inc.

Key questions facing our industry: As our industry develops and adapts to meet end-users' changing needs, how can we inspire the future and foster a culture of continuous improvement and advancement? How are individuals and organizations in our industry contributing to economic growth, technological progress, and societal well-being?

The big picture: The history of uncrewed systems, robotics, and autonomy traces back decades to defense sector RDT&E, and has expanded over time to include the commercial and civil sectors. Across sectors and domains, we celebrate our industry's accomplishments and recognize innovations that are guiding us toward our future.

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Dr. Henrick Christensen

Dr. Henrik Christensen
Qualcomm Chair of Robotics and Distinguished Professor, Computer Science, Director of Contextual Robotics Institute
University California San Diego

Key questions facing our industry: What does the future outlook for AI and autonomy look like? What are the opportunities for market growth and competitive dynamics?

The big picture: Dr. Christensen's insights help stakeholders make informed decisions and form strategies that capitalize on emerging opportunities in fast-paced sectors.

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Vice Admiral Brad Cooper

Vice Admiral Bradley Cooper
Deputy Commander
United States Central Command

Key questions facing our industry: How can uncrewed systems be deployed to improve operational security for defense agencies? What role do elected officials play in shaping defense spending priorities to address ever-evolving technologies and defense needs?

The big picture: As uncrewed systems proliferate worldwide and as the lines between defense and commercial technologies are blurred, the US DOD is placing an emphasis on uncrewed systems and counter-UAS technologies.

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart
Director, Disruptive Capabilities Office
Department of Defense

Key questions facing our industry: What opportunities are emerging in uncrewed systems that industry stakeholders can capitalize on? What existing operational challenges will be disrupted, resolved, or remain as new technologies are deployed?

The big picture: What opportunities are emerging in uncrewed systems that industry stakeholders can capitalize on? What existing operational challenges will be disrupted, resolved, or remain as new technologies are deployed?

XPO24 Keynote Speaker Harry Yeff

Harry Yeff aka Reeps100
A.I. Artist and AI for Good Activist

Key questions facing our industry: How can we foster a balanced understanding and constructive dialogue about new technologies like AI and autonomy? How can we support the integration of advanced technologies into society while addressing legitimate concerns and ensuring responsible development and deployment?

The big picture: New technologies can improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life - but fear-based narratives can hinder innovation, impede societal progress, and lead to missed opportunities to implement beneficial applications.

FAA Panel: Getting to Go

Tim Arel
Chief Operating Officer of Air Traffic Organization

Marc Nichols
Chief Counsel

Laurence Wildgoose
Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment

Matt McCardle
Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Strategy
Amazon Prime Air

Key questions facing our industry: How do we get to “GO” for uncrewed systems deployment? What are the potential regulatory obstacles companies face, and how can they navigate pathways for obtaining operational approvals?

The big picture: In the new era of aviation, stakeholders must align on strategies, safety standards, and system requirements for successful integration into the airspace.


Michael Robbins Co-CEO AUVSI

Michael Robbins
President & CEO


John "JC" Coffey
Executive Vice Chairperson, AUVSI Board of Directors & Executive Director
Uncrewed Systems (UXS) at Cherokee Federal

Todd Graetz
Co-Founder / Investor

Matthew Land
Public Policy & Government Relations
Eve Air Mobility

Heather Lee
Chief Operating Officer