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XPONENTIAL is where new entrants come to play in the big leagues and established companies prove their greatness. The tech pavilions and demos at XPONENTIAL get attendees face-to-face and hands-on with ground-breaking innovations from all domains and sectors.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles Pavilion

XPONENTIAL offers attendees the chance to get up close and personal with cutting edge technology. With room for interactive displays and demos, the Autonomous Ground Vehicles area is the place “for people and things, inside and out”. Expect to see a diverse array of ground domain systems and solutions.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles Pavilion Exhibitors
If you are interested in joining the AUVSI Ground Advocacy Working Group, please contact Nina Shelat.

Composites Pavilion

Powered by K 2025

Extend operating times, reduce weight and increase performance - composite materials take a central role in the design and manufacture of uncrewed and autonomous vehicles. From design engineered plastics for fabrication of sensors-embedded surfaces to structural components made with thermoplastic-based carbon fiber composites, the autonomous systems industry in civilian and government sectors is a key growth market for advanced materials producers. The Composites Pavilion is a dedicated hub on the XPONENTIAL show floor for composite engineers and manufacturers to showcase unique solutions and cutting-edge technologies for application across the uncrewed and autonomous systems community from platforms to components.

Composites Pavilion Exhibitors

Cybersecurity Pavilion

Powered by the AUVSI Trusted Cyber Program

Uncrewed vehicles – air, ground, and maritime – are a rapidly growing part of the economic foundation for nations across the globe. These technologies are relied upon for national defense, public safety, commercial delivery, critical infrastructure inspection and more. Cybersecurity is the art of protecting these networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Cybersecurity Pavilion Exhibitors

Maritime Pavilion

Powered by the AUVSI Maritime Advocacy Committee

The ground domain isn’t the only area where innovation is accelerating! Maritime technologies are making waves around the world. Captained by the AUVSI Maritime Advocacy Committee and its members, this pavilion will feature the latest in surface and subsurface technologies.

Maritime Pavilion Exhibitors

If you are interested in joining the AUVSI Maritime Advocacy Committee, please contact Mike Smitsky.

Public Safety Pavilion

Safety doesn't happen by accident! Public Safety organizations ensure the welfare and protection of the general public, using cutting edge ideas and technology to combat threats to the community.

To meet increasing challenges in the public safety arena, public safety institutions can tap into the autonomous ecosystem to help draw a blueprint for success. The Public Safety Pavilion at XPONENTIAL gives industry leaders a chance to show how they optimize their technology, use synergies, and carefully balance costs and benefits of their measures.

Public Safety Pavilion Exhibitors

Outdoor Demos

This is where we 'tech' things to the next level! Calling all end users, regulators, and the media to come and experience first-hand how these technologies are ready to provide value now to communities around the world.

Check the event app for the latest demo schedule

Startup Xcelerator Pavilion

This dedicated hub within the XPO Hall features emerging technologies and early-stage companies across the uncrewed and autonomous industry. Visitors to the Startup Xcelerator get a glimpse into the future of our industry and opportunities to partner with likeminded technologists.

Startup Xcelerator Pavilion Exhibitors

University Row

Academic institutions dedicated to education and innovation make for natural partners with high-tech industries, like the uncrewed and autonomous industry — from meeting the future workforce need, to spearheading and partnering on education. Academia is essential for the advancement and growth of our industry. University Row provides universities a global stage to demonstrate their commitment to collaboration and technological excellence.

University Row Pavilion Exhibitors

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