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XPONENTIAL hosts specialized regional pavilions to help attendees navigate the vast landscape of solutions, platforms, technologies and services in autonomous technology and robotics. With organizations and innovations spread across the United States, we want attendees to connect with the progress and advancements being made in every corner of the country. 

Contact your account manager to become a state pavilion organizer.

State Pavilions joining us at XPONENTIAL 2023: 


The Arizona Pavilion, hosted by Aerospace Arizona is at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industry.  With more than 300 days of sunshine annually, pristine airspace and business friendly environment we are committed to supporting the unmanned industry. We are number one in concentration of guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing, second in aviation maintenance economic activities and have a strong private and public university support system.  Contact Mignonne Hollis to learn more.

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California has the fifth largest GDP in the world, leading the nation in new business starts as well as access to venture capital.  California’s deep roots in aerospace, defense, cybersecurity, logistics and transportation provide an optimal environment for UAS technology innovators to flourish.  Proud host of the California Pavilion, the UAS Center at SBD is located onsite at San Bernardino International Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in the US for air cargo.  The UAS Center at SBD supports UAS adoption and commercialization in the US and globally, advances UAS policy integration and prepares the workforce with relevant UAS skills.

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There’s something special about doing business in Colorado. We are here to represent and demonstrate why Colorado is the right choice for your business – through advanced manufacturing, aerospace programs, defense & homeland security, to diverse autonomous test sites – Colorado possesses cutting-edge programs that lead global innovation. Please contact Constantin Diehl to learn more.

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Kansas prevails as the Air Capitol of the World, with its wide-open airspace and well-established resources that attract global leaders in unmanned flight technologies. Our deep aviation history lays a foundation for tomorrow’s aeronautical advancement, as demonstrated by our supersonic flight testing corridor, network of skilled aerospace workers and OEMs, and proud membership as a FAA BEYOND partner with infrastructure to promote public safety, precision agriculture, and statewide connectivity. In Kansas, the sky has no limit - come fly with us!

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Maryland is the home of a burgeoning ecosystem of research, prototype development, testing, and manufacturing of automated vehicles and their underlying systems. With the highest concentration of aerospace engineers in the country, neighbor to the nation’s capital and several decades of experience in the development of automated systems; Maryland is at the forefront of automated vehicle policy, commercialization, and integration. Maryland provides an environment for automated vehicles operating in any domain to thrive, with 2 sites for UAS R&D, more than 3,000 miles of coastline and close coordination among partnering State agencies, to enable emerging technologies to assimilate into our roadways. Contact Colter Menke to be a part of the Maryland Pavilion.

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New York

New York state is a global leader in the UAS and drone technology market. Home to the world’s largest business accelerator for uncrewed aerial systems, GENIUS NY has invested more than $18M in 32 UAS startups since 2017. Applications are now open for its seventh cohort located in Syracuse, NY. New York is also home to NUAIR (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance, Inc.), with a mission to safely integrate uncrewed aircraft systems into the national airspace, enabling scalable, economically viable commercial drone operations. NUAIR manages operations of the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport, Rome, NY on behalf of Oneida County and is responsible for the advancement of New York's 50-mile UAS Corridor between Rome and Syracuse, NY. 

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North Carolina

Experience the future of advanced air mobility today in the heart of the first-in-flight state, North Carolina. Routine commercial BVLOS drone deliveries have operated here since 2019, serving medical, food and retail customers. The nation’s first urban traffic management system is under construction, and we are identifying sites for weather sensor placement that can help communities across the state expand AAM. Visit our booth to learn how AeroX can help your company accelerate UAS, eVTOL and AAM operations.

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North Carolina

North Carolina’s motto, Esse Quam Videri, “to be rather than to seem,” is the foundation of the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) work in advanced transportation mobility. North Carolina doesn’t just talk about the future of transportation, they continually seek to move vision into reality through demonstrated success with their UAS program, the first demonstration flight of an uncrewed eVTOL in the US and the deployment of the CASSI autonomous shuttle program with partners throughout the state. Join us in shaping the future of shared autonomous mobility to achieve a convergence of land and air-based activities for seamless first and last mile connectivity of both passengers and freight.

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Organized by JobsOhio and the Dayton Development Coalition, the Ohio pavilion is a snapshot of one of the most comprehensive unmanned and autonomous systems ecosystems in the United States. Ohio is the birthplace of aviation, continuing today as a place for leading-edge research, innovation and collaborative development. Ohio is helping the industry take their innovations to new heights.But autonomous transportation systems are not just airborne in Ohio. As an automotive powerhouse, Ohio continues to drive autonomous and connected vehicle advancements with institutions like the Transportation Research Center’s SMART Center, Connected Marysville, and DriveOhio’s smart projects for open road testing. The state acts as a living lab for autonomous mobility, ensuring that no matter what stage of development you are in, Ohio has the resources to help. Please contact Victoria Boczkowski to be a part of the Ohio Pavilion.

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The Great State of Oklahoma is the geographical center of the 48 states and boasts an impressive 353 optimal flying days annually, making it an ideal hub for all Aerospace activities. In the emerging unmanned industry, Oklahoma’s geographically diverse regions and ecosystems, ranging from arid plains to subtropical forests and mountains, makes the state perfect for UAS/UAV research, development, and manufacturing. 
Home to the FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, and three significant Air Force bases, Oklahoma is a nucleus for commercial and military aviation and aerospace with a $44B annual economic impact. Oklahoma ranks #1 in preparedness for the drone industry by the Mercatus Center. Our premier university system, testing sites, and innovative companies have made the state an axis for environmental sensing, defense and weather prediction, fire and rescue, precision agriculture, safety and security and transmission monitoring. 
Oklahoma’s low cost of doing business, skilled workforce and exceptional incentive programs including the Aerospace Industry Engineer Tax Credit make it the perfect place to grow your business and find your supply chain resources!

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The Virginia Pavilion is hosted by The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC. The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) is in the business of connecting innovators with opportunities. The Pavilion features many of the nation’s leading corporate and educational innovators in unmanned systems for Air, Land, Sea and Space that are headquartered in Virginia. Virginia is one of only 7 states with approved FAA and DOT test facilities for the research and development of unmanned systems for the nation’s airspace and roadways. Virginia is leading the nation’s preparations for the growth and expansion of the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry through the Virginia Advanced Air Mobility Alliance (VAAMA). As the home of the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense; Naval Station Norfolk, the world's largest naval station; Marine Corps Base Quantico, the “Crossroads of the Marine Corps”; NASA Langley Research Center, the oldest of NASA's field centers; NASA Wallops Flight Facility, which has launched more than 16,000 rockets during its 75-year history; the Uncrewed Systems Lab at Virginia Tech; and more than 39 Fortune 1000 companies, including Amazon HQ2 and 5 of the 7 largest defense contractors, Virginia is open for business.

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