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Deadline: March 21, 2023
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The Importance of GNSS Security in UAV Applications

  • Room: 203
  • Session Number:XPO23-EG04
Tuesday, May 09, 2023: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM


Abigail Smith
Executive Director (a)
UAS Security, Federal Aviation Administration
Captain Joe Burns
CEO, The Airo Group, Advisory Board Member Presidential EXCOM for PNT
Aero Group
Gustavo Lopez
Market Access Manager (Emerging applications)
Jeff Horne
Vice President Security
Michael Glutting
Sales Manager


GNSS hacking and jamming are real threats to UAV devices which rely on satellite signals for autonomous navigation. This panel discussion will explain different types of GPS interference including jamming and spoofing and the risk they pose to drones. The latest methods will be discussed for toughening both GNSS receivers and control units, in order to design secure and robust UAVs.

Key points:

• GNSS vulnerabilities which can pose a security risk to UAVs

• How autopilots react when such problems take place

• Which UAV applications are the most at risk of GPS jamming and spoofing

• What are integrators doing to increase the resilience of UAV systems

• Latest methods to protect and toughen GNSS receivers


Job Role:
C-Level Executive,Business Development/Sales,Consultant,Management,Engineering/Technical,Government/Policy/Regulatory,Remote Pilot/Operator,Marketing/Communications,Research & Development

Pass Type Required:
VIP Pass,Full Conference Pass,XPO Hall Pass,Media/Press Pass

Air,BVLOS,Defense,Ground,Industry,Infrastructure,Maritime,Safety,Security,UAM/AAM,Counter UAS,Geo-spatial,Navigation,Robotics,Automated Vehicles,Expanded UAS Operations,R & D

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