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Deadline: March 21, 2023
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Amy Posey

Founder +and CEO


Amy Posey has spent the last 20 years speaking about human performance at work. She is an author, facilitator, & business leader who uses her understanding of applied neuroscience to uncover better ways of working. Based in Silicon Valley, Posey has facilitated & worked with Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Posey spent the first decade of her career in Management Consulting, working with companies like Apple, Adobe, & Applied Materials to work through the complexities of change. Through this experience, she realized that the human side of work is challenging for most of us. Understanding our behavior & how other people collaborate, communicate, & work effectively became her core motivation. As she worked with more clients, she gathered insights on what makes a great leader & a great team, both of which drive business results.

From there, she moved on to work for a leadership consulting group that combined her love of adventure with the skills & capabilities needed to be a great leader. She eventually became CEO & ran the business, building first-hand leadership skills. Realizing neuroscience can help us understand our behaviors better, Posey integrated research & practical application into leadership programs she developed.

Sharing information about the brain became a game changer for Posey’s clients, providing them with practical & useful ways to understand how to work more effectively with others. Her passion for translating the science into "real talk" gave people real ways to be more innovative, work through change, & tell better stories.

Amy decided her next chapter needed to focus on training people to understand & use their brains better at work. In 2019, she founded SUPER*MEGA*BOSS to develop soft skills using neuroscience for the emerging leader.


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